Trezor Wallet Review (2021)


One of the most popular hardware wallets for cryptocurrency is the Trezor Wallet. Read on to find out how the Trezor Wallet works, or start buying cryptocurrency right away so you can fill your Trezor Wallet with goodies!

Buying crypto for your Trezor Wallet - a step-by-step plan

1 - Choose a broker: Find a suitable cryptocurrency provider (we recommend eToro).

2 - Deposit money: Simply deposit money into your account so you can get started immediately.

3 - Choose a cryptocurrency: Select Tron from the list of cryptocurrencies.

4 - Buy the cryptocurrency: Complete the transaction and invest in the cryptocurrency.

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In this article you will read all about where to buy the Trezor wallet in the Netherlands, how the Trezor hardware wallet works and where to find one.

What is the Trezor Wallet?

Trezor is one of the best known brands for hardware wallets. This is because Trezor was also one of the first to bring a hardware wallet on the market, in the meantime there are multiple models.

You can choose the cheaper Trezor One or the premium version Trezor Model T. There are some important differences between these Trezor hardware wallets.

The Trezor Model T, for example, allows you to store a number of newer crypto currencies that you cannot store on the Trezor One. Think of coins like Cardano (ADA), Ripple (XRP), Monero (XMR), EOS (EOS) and more.

In addition, you can only use the Trezor One in combination with your computer or smartphone, while with the Trezor Model T you can also control a lot from the device itself. This is one of the reasons why the Model T has a large colour touchscreen while the Trezor One has a small black and white screen with two buttons.

The Trezor hardware wallet is used to safely store cryptocurrency. With a hardware wallet your cryptocurrencies are extra safe, because no one without the Trezor hardware wallet can access your cryptocurrency.

How do I use the Trezor Wallet?

To fill your Trezor wallet with cryptocurrency, you first need to make an investment. In the step-by-step plan below we will help you to invest in cryptocurrency as soon as possible, the last step is to send the crypto.

Step 1: Choose an online broker

Step 4: Buy cryptocurrency for Trezor Wallet

Step 2: Create an account

Step 5: Send the crypto to your Trezor Wallet

Step 3: Deposit money on your account

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Step-by-step plan: how do I get crypto for the Trezor wallet?

Step 1: Choose an online broker

In this step-by-step plan, we will first help you get started with investing in cryptocurrency that you can then store in the Trezor Wallet. To get started, you need to choose an online broker or crypto exchange where you want to make your investments.

If you make a good choice at this step, you won't have to create a second account at another broker or exchange later on. This way all your investments are in the same place and you also have a clear overview of your entire portfolio.

There are big differences between the brokers and exchanges we will discuss below. First of all you should pay close attention to the offer of a broker to know whether you can go there for all the cryptocurrencies you want to buy.

At a CFD broker you can also invest in cryptocurrency, but you invest in a contract so you can speculate on the price. It is important to know that at a CFD broker you do not come into possession of the coins themselves.

Alternative for Trezor wallet: eToro

The first broker we will discuss is eToro. This broker has been around for almost 15 years and in recent years, they have also been offering cryptocurrency.

Besides cryptocurrency, at eToro you can also invest in stocks, ETFs, commodities, indices and currencies. This allows you to create a diverse portfolio without having to be active on several platforms.

eToro is a suitable broker for both novice and experienced investors. In principle, the platform is simple to use, but you can also perform technical analyses on each price.

The headquarters of eToro is located in Cyprus and they are also licensed with the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Comission (CySEC). You therefore know that they comply with European legislation and that you can invest safely at this broker.

At eToro, you can start from a low minimum deposit of $50 (€42), and trading in stocks and ETFs is free of commission charges. So get off to a great start!

You can also use the copytrade tool with which you can easily imitate investors' trades.

Start investing in the world of crypto currencies? At eToro, you can get started quickly and easily with your first investments.


Alternative to Trezor wallet: Bitvavo

Another option is the Dutch crypto exchange Bitvavo. This platform was only launched in Amsterdam in 2018 but has become one of the most popular platforms for cryptocurrency in the Netherlands.

Bitvavo also allows you to invest directly in the cryptocurrency itself. At Bitvavo, you can choose from more than 50 different cryptocurrencies that you can trade on the exchange platform.

At Bitvavo you pay a maximum of 0.25% transaction fee, which makes Bitvavo one of the cheaper crypto exchanges. Another advantage is that you can easily add money to your account with iDeal, PayPal or bank transfer.


Alternative for Trezor wallet: Binance

Every cryptocurrency investor knows the name Binance. In recent years, Binance has become the most popular crypto exchange in the world.

The main reason for this is Binance's huge offering. At this crypto exchange, you can invest in all large, well-known cryptocurrencies, but also in hundreds of smaller cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, Binance has released several coins that can be used on the platform. For example, you can use the Binance Coin to reduce your transaction costs or use the stablecoin Binance USD to trade even more easily without having to exchange your money for dollars or euros.


Alternative to Trezor Wallet:

What's special about this broker is that this platform has only been around for a few years, but is growing rapidly throughout Europe. capital has offices in England, Belarus and Cyprus and is not only licensed by CySEC but also by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

At you can trade CFDs of cryptocurrencies, but also shares, ETFs, indices, commodities and currencies. You can always choose a leverage effect, stop-loss and take-profit when concluding CFDs.

Alternative for Trezor wallet: Libertex

Finally, there is also the CFD broker Libertex. Where is relatively new, Libertex distinguishes itself with extensive experience.

Libertex was founded in 1997 and has been active in the investment world for almost 25 years. Few brokers can say that! In those years, they have won more than 40 awards and helped millions of investors make their first steps.

Libertex is regulated by CySEC and handles your data with care. After registering an account, you can immediately invest in numerous CFDs, not only in crypto currencies, but also stocks, commodities, currencies and more. You also get access to a demo account to practice trading.


Step 2: Create an account

Once you have been able to make a choice in step 1, it is time to create an account at the broker of your choice. In this step-by-step plan, we will look at the broker eToro as an example.

To create an account at eToro, all you need to do is enter your email address and password. After your email address is confirmed, you will immediately get access to the eToro platform via your free demo account.

Before you go to the next step, it is already wise to go through eToro's verification. In this verification, you have to send a copy of your identity document and fill out a questionnaire in which your knowledge and experience in the field of investing is tested.

 This verification must be completed before you can get started with real money instead of the virtual money in your demo account. As soon as eToro has approved this verification, you are notified by email from the broker.

Step 3: Depositing money into your account

Depositing money at eToro is easy to do via one of the many available payment methods such as iDeal, Bank Transfer, PayPal, or as you can see alongside, credit card.

The first time you deposit money at eToro, you have to deposit at least €42. At many brokers, this minimum amount is many times higher.

eToro is therefore a very suitable broker as a beginner with a "small wallet" to start investing.

Step 4: Buy cryptocurrency for Trezor Wallet

Now that you have money in your account and your verification has been approved nothing stands in the way of your first investment. The most convenient way to do this at eToro is to search through the search bar or go to the list of cryptocurrencies to choose a suitable coin to invest in.

As soon as you have found a coin that interests you, click on the corresponding page. You will see the current price of this coin and you can invest immediately.

For each investment, you can choose a leverage effect, stop-loss and take-profit to manage your investment even better.

etoro-cryptomunten-1 (1)

Step 5: Send the crypto to your Trezor Wallet

If you have bought the crypto through eToro then you have invested in a digital currency. In order to send cryptocurrency to your crypto wallet, you need to send it to a digital address.

Sending crypto to your Trezor Wallet is very easy, all you have to do is make sure you use the correct address of your crypto wallet and fill it in on the exchange. Then you can send the coins and you will find them on your digital wallet.

How do I install my Trezor Wallet?


The Trezor Wallet is best used in combination with a computer or smartphone. On one of these devices you download the Trezor Wallet software and you can start right away.

You will always find your cryptocurrency in the software and you can also send the cryptocurrency from the software. Most Trezor wallet reviews show that the software is very easy to use for beginners.

There is a difference between the two models when it comes to connecting them to your computer or smartphone. With the Trezor One you have to enter the password in the software, while the Trezor Model T has a touchscreen where you can enter the pincode.

Recovery seed

Of course it is always possible that you lose the Trezor wallet or can't remember your pincode. For this you always have an alternative in hand; your recovery seed.

A recovery seed consists of 12 to 24 random words with which you can always recover your Trezor wallet. You get the recovery seed the first time you connect the Trezor Wallet to your computer or smartphone.

Why choose the Trezor Wallet?

In the field of hardware wallets there are not that many choices, so you will soon end up with the Trezor Wallet. Not that this is a problem; the Trezor hardware wallet is still considered one of the best hardware wallets in most reviews.

The best reason to choose for the Trezor is the enormous amount of different cryptocurrencies you can store on this hardware wallet.

Contrary to its big competitor Nano Ledger, you can store a lot more crypto at once.

Trezor's software is also praised for its simplicity and the fact that you can start using the device immediately after downloading it.


Besides the Trezor wallet, there are also other hardware wallets. Do you want to know which hardware wallet to buy? Then read our article about the best hardware wallets for 2021.

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Tips before using the Trezor Wallet

There are some important tips that you should read in advance so you don't make any mistakes when starting to store your crypto coins. Below is a short overview of the most important tips.

Always keep your recorvery seed safe

As soon as you start using the Trezor wallet you will get a recovery seed of 12 to 24 words with which you can always recover your wallet. This also means that other users can do a lot with this recovery seed.

That is why it is important that you take the recovery seed and keep it safe. For example, you can write down the words and keep them in a safe or hide them in a completely different place.

Advantages and disadvantages of Trezor Wallet


  • Multiple models
  • Extra secure storage
  • User-friendly software
  • Model T has a touchscreen
  • Download Trezor Wallet software
  • Supports many cryptocurrencies


  • Other device required to manage the wallet
  • First purchase cryptocurrency at a broker
  • Model One does not support some major crypto

Always check your address

When you are going to send cryptocurrency to your Trezor wallet for the first time, it is important to use the right address. So always check if you have adopted the correct address.

Cryptocurrency works differently than a bank transfer, once you have sent the cryptocurrency to a wrong address the chance of getting these coins back is very small.

Pay attention to which coins are supported

Always make sure that you do not send any coins to the Trezor wallet that are not supported by this wallet. Again, if you send the wrong crypto to an address that cannot receive this coin, you will probably lose it.

Now you probably think that it is possible to store more than 1,000 cryptocurrencies, so you can actually send most coins to the wallet. This is certainly true, but a well-known coin like Uniswap, for example, is not yet supported by the wallet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Trezor Wallet?

The Trezor Wallet is one of the best known hardware wallets in the world. There are now two models released by Trezor; the Trezor One and the Trezor Model T. You can easily store all cryptocurrencies on the wallet.

Is the Trezor Wallet safe?

A hardware wallet is one of the safest options for storing your cryptocurrency. As long as you store the device somewhere safe and no one can access your backup codes, no one will be able to access your cryptocurrency stored on the Trezor Wallet either.

How do you get your coins out of the Trezor Wallet?

Simply connect the Trezor Wallet to your computer or smartphone and then manage your cryptocurrency in the software on one of these devices. You can also easily send the coins back here to a crypto exchange in order to exchange your coins for money again.

Which cryptocurrencies can be stored in the Trezor Wallet?

More than 1.000 different cryptocurrencies can be stored on the Trezor One. The Trezor Model T has been further developed and has added a number of additional supported coins such as Cardano, Ripple, Monero and Tezos.

Where can you buy a Trezor Wallet from?

You can buy a Trezor Wallet at well-known electronics shops and webshops in the Netherlands. You can also buy a Trezor Wallet Netherlands at the website of Trezor itself. They also ship after the Trezor Wallet buy Netherlands.

Trezor Wallet: Conclusion

The Trezor Wallet comes in two models; the Trezor One and the Trezor Model T.

With the Trezor One you get a basic model where you can use the main functions of the Trezor hardware wallet. The Model T lets you store more crypto, has a better screen and can also be used without a computer or smartphone.

The wallet is known for being able to store many different cryptocurrencies at the same time. This way you can always keep investing and store every coin you buy safely on the Trezor hardware wallet.

Do you also want to start investing in cryptocurrencies? Then start now at the online broker eToro and create an account quickly!

Trezor Wallet
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