Neo Wallet review 2021 | Experience and costs of the Neo Wallet!


Neo grew considerably last year and the crypto currency became a lot more, but if you invest in this currency, you must of course store it safely! The best way to do that is to read this article about the Neo Wallet.

Fill Neo Wallet with cryptocurrency - step-by-step plan

1 - Choose a broker: Choose a broker where you can buy cryptocurrency (we recommend eToro).
2 - Deposit money: Transfer money to your account using one of the many available payment methods.
3 - Choose NEO: Select the crypto currency NEO from the list of available cryptocurrencies.
4 - Buy NEO: Choose how much NEO you want to buy and store it in a Neo wallet.

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In this article you will read all about the different Neo wallets, how to use a Neo wallet yourself, how to download a Neo wallet and we will answer all your questions about the Neo Coin wallet.

What is a Neo Wallet?

Basically, a Neo Wallet is nothing more than a digital wallet in which you can store your purchased Neo. There are many different Neo Wallets with their own functions.

You can install a Neo Wallet on your computer or phone while you can also use a hardware wallet. We will explain these choices in more detail in this article.

Neo is a cryptocurrency that has been on the market since late 2016 and now has a market value of over three billion euros. Recently, the Neo network has continued to evolve and, according to Neo itself, they are in the process of the biggest evolution ever of the currency.

The new Neo network should provide even more possibilities with the coin. Many applications are already built on the network and this will be even more possible with this new network.

Neo works with a dual-token system, where you can divide the coin in Neo tokens and Gas tokens. The Gas tokens are distributed among people who are actively involved in the network and you can use them to pay for transactions.

Want to know more about crypto wallets? You can find everything in our article about the best crypto wallets in 2021.

How do I buy Neo and store it in a Neo Wallet?

Don't have a Neo coin to store in a Neo Wallet yet? Then it's time to start investing, in this step-by-step plan we will help you as quickly as possible with all the necessary steps before you can really start investing.

Step 1: Choose an online broker with Neo
Step 2: Create an account
Step 3: Deposit money on your account

Step 4: Choose and buy Neo for the Neo Wallet
Step 5: Save the coin in your Neo Wallet
Start directly at eToro

Step 1: Choose an online broker with Neo

To be able to start investing, you have to choose a platform where you are going to buy your first Neo. The differences between these platforms are big, especially because with Neo, you have a number of extra options that you can do with the coin.

For example, you can earn money from the coin by keeping it in a good place, you get paid as it were a dividend on each Neo coin that you own. This dividend is paid out in Gas tokens.

There are also differences in the way the broker or exchange offers the Neo coin. At some brokers you can only take out a CFD with which you can speculate on the Neo price without actually owning the coin.

It is also useful to take a good look at the rest of the offer of a broker or exchange if you intend to invest in more coins. If you join a platform with a large offer, you can be sure that you will be able to make many investments here.


The online broker eToro has been around for almost 15 years and has also been offering cryptocurrency for a number of years. At eToro, you buy all coins for your own personal use.


In addition to cryptocurrencies, at eToro you can also invest in shares, options, indices, ETFs, commodities and currencies.

Shares and ETFs can also be traded at 0% commission, and you can start from a low minimum deposit of just $50 (€42).

Want to try first? Use the free demo account. Here you can trade with €50,000 virtual money and practice.

A unique tool of eToro is copy trading: in this way, you learn from experienced investors by copying their trades. In this way, you benefit directly from their knowledge and experience.

The office of eToro is located in Cyprus and they comply with European laws and regulations for brokers through their license at the Cypriot regulator CySEC.

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One party that has been in the CFD business for some time is Libertex.

This broker has been active since 1997 and holds a Cypriot license, which allows them to offer their services throughout Europe. Libertex has almost 3 million users.

Trading CFDs is possible for crypto's like NEO, but also various commodities or for example shares CFDs are possible. This way you can easily maintain a diverse portfolio! Moreover, you do not need to store NEO in a NEO wallet when you buy a CFD.

Registering with Libertex is quick, easy and can be done within hours. To start trading they ask you to deposit €100 from which you can buy CFDs. After this you also get access to a free practice tool.

Create an account with Libertex today, the broker for all your crypto investments!


You can also buy all kinds of crypto coins at exchange Bitvavo.


You can also buy all kinds of crypto coins at the exchange Bitvavo.

Bitvavo was founded in 2018 in Amsterdam but in the few years that the company has been around, it has become very popular. As such, they were one of the first companies to receive a license from Bank to trade cryptocurrency on their platform.

At Bitvavo you can easily deposit euros using payment methods such as iDEAL or credit card and trade these euros for about 50 different cryptocurrencies. Transaction fees at Bitvavo are no higher than 0.25%.

Once you have purchased Neo at Bitvavo, you can choose to leave it at Bitvavo or move it to a Neo wallet. If you leave the coin on Bitvavo, you will also receive the reward in Gas tokens without having to do anything.

Interested in Bitvavo? Create an account now! is a young CFD broker that has also managed to record considerable growth in recent years. In Europe, has offices in England, Belarus and Cyprus. logo

Just like eToro, it is licensed by the Cyprus Security and Exchange Commission (CySEC), but it also meets the requirements of the British regulator FCA. You can be sure that you can trade safely at because of these licenses.

At you can trade in a few dozen different cryptocurrencies, but you also have access to shares, ETFs, commodities and currencies. All these products you trade as CFD's, so you won't be able to own Neo and you can't send these to a Neo wallet either.

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The largest crypto exchange in the world is Binance. This title is due to the enormous number of customers that use the exchange and the fact that this platform has by far the largest supply of known and unknown cryptocurrencies.


Binance has only continued to grow in recent years, and the clearest indicator that things are going well for Binance is surely the own coins that the exchange has introduced to the market. There is the Binance Coin (BNB) to pay transaction fees on the network.

Binance also introduced the stablecoin Binance USD, which is always worth exactly $1. Both coins are very widely used, the Binance Coin is in the top 5 coins with the highest market value and the Binance USD is in the top 20.

At Binance, you can also store the Neo after buying it here. As with Bitvavo, you will also receive the reward in Gas tokens at Binance.

Want to invest at Binance? Create an account now and get started today!

Step 2: Create an account with Neo Wallet

So there is plenty of choice in brokers and exchanges, once you have made your choice you can start by creating an account with this platform. In this example, we will go through the next steps at the broker eToro.

Initially, you only need an email address and password to access the eToro platform.


The access that you get is still only via the free demo account in which you find virtual money to try out the platform. To gain access to the real money account, you must complete a verification.

For this verification, you send a copy of your ID to eToro and fill in a questionnaire. In this questionnaire, the broker checks whether you have enough knowledge and experience to be allowed to work on the platform.

After you have registered, the online brokers usually offer you a free account where the purchased crypto coins are automatically stored. In fact you have a free Neo wallet right away, but this is not the safest way to store them. That's why we will discuss some other options for a Neo wallet in a moment.

Step 3: Deposit money into your account

Next, you'll receive a message from the broker you have an account with when your verification has been approved. From that moment on, you can use real money to invest.

Depositing money is very easy at eToro. Nowadays, you can deposit money at almost any broker or exchange via iDEAL. In addition, you also have payment methods such as PayPal, credit card and bank transfer.

Step 4: Choose and buy the Neo Wallet

Time to look for the Neo coin and purchase it. You can easily search for coins at eToro via the search bar at the top or filter all products by crypto currency to browse the entire range of cryptocurrencies at eToro.


On the right you can see a part of the list of crypto currencies available at eToro. If you scroll further, you will also encounter Neo.

You buy the coin by going to the product page of Neo. Here you can easily start with your first investment by clicking on the green 'buy' button.

Step 5: Store the coin in your Neo Coin Wallet

If you did buy Neo at a crypto exchange like Bitvavo or Binance, it is important that you think about how you are going to store the coin. Both Bitvavo and Binance have their own wallet where you can store the Neo.

With Neo, you get a reward in the form of Gas tokens if you own (much) Neo. You will also receive these tokens if you leave the coin on Binance or Bitvavo.

Do you choose to store the Neo in another Neo wallet than on the exchange itself? Then you first need to choose a suitable Neo wallet.

Next, this wallet will always give you an address, you simply send your Neo from the exchange to this address. Always pay attention that you copy the address correctly, if this is not the case, there is a big chance that you lose your Neo.

How do I use a Neo Wallet?

There are many different wallets you can use to store your Neo coin.

There are wallets that are meant for all sorts of different crpytocurrencies, but there are also special Neo coin wallets where you can only store this coin; such as the Neon Wallet.

So first you will have to make a good choice which wallet offers the options you want to use.

Desktop Neo Coin Wallet

The first option we will discuss is a desktop Neo coin wallet, desktop says it all; it is a wallet for your computer. An example of a good desktop neo wallet is the Neon wallet.

The Neon wallet is made by an independent party, but the Neo developers have reviewed and tested the Neon wallet and have indicated to be 100% satisfied with the security of the Neon wallet.

You can download the Neo Wallet from the Neon Wallet website. After you have downloaded the wallet, you can install and use it in a few seconds. The Neon Wallet can be used on Windows computers as well as on a Mac.

Another desktop wallet is the Neo GUI, this neo wallet can only be downloaded for Windows computers. It is a similar wallet as the Neon Wallet.

Web Neo Wallet

There are also other wallets you can use without having to download a Neo Wallet. You can also create a wallet in your browser.

An example of a web-based Neo wallet is Neo tracker. Neo tracker is a wallet which you do not have to use in combination with the internet, your coins are stored offline so it remains a safe option.

Mobile Neo Wallet

You can also use a smartphone application to store your Neo coin. The advantage of this is that you can manage your Neo coins or send and receive coins anywhere, anytime.

There are several mobile versions of this wallet available for both iPhones and Android phones. So you have the Android O3, you can download this Neo wallet in the Google play store, the app is also suitable for iPhones.

A nice advantage of this Neo wallet android is that you can divide it into two categories. A part that you can quickly use for payments or other things and a part that you can leave for a longer time.

Hardware Neo Wallet

The hardware version, like the Neo Wallet Ledger, is a device the size of a USB stick where you can often store many different coins. The best known brands of hardware wallets are the Trezor Wallet and the Nano Ledger.

The wallets work in a similar way, with the Trezor wallet and Neo wallet ledger you first have to connect the device to a computer and then manage the wallet on your computer.

The advantage of a hardware wallet is that your coins have as little contact with the internet as possible and are therefore safe on your device, as long as you don't lose them.

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Why choose a Neo Wallet?

The advantage of a separate place for your coin above leaving it at an exchange is that the coin is stored safer. Anything can happen at an exchange, although the exchanges have been very stable recently, a platform can always have connection problems or other problems.

By storing your coins in a wallet like the Neon Wallet or the Neo Wallet Ledger you know for sure that you always have access to your currency.

If the price has suddenly risen sharply, you can also sell the coin at that moment.


It is also possible that you have several cryptocurrencies and want to store them in the same place.

By then using a hardware wallet like the Neo Wallet ledger, you can store all the different coins in one place.

Neo Wallet Review: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Neo Wallet?

A Neo Wallet is a digital wallet in which you can store Neo (among other things). First of all, a Neo Wallet has to be completely safe, no one else should be able to get to your stash of Neo, and it is also useful to choose one that is experienced as user-friendly. 

Is there a Neo wallet Android?

There are several wallets that can be used as a Neo wallet Android. You can download the O3 Neo wallet and use it on Android phones, there are many other applications that pretend to be a Neo wallet Android, first check the reviews to see if this is a reliable one. 

Which hardware wallet is suitable for Neo?

There are basically two well-known hardware wallets for cryptocurrency; the Trezor wallet and the Nano Ledger. Both are suitable for storing Neo. To use the Neo wallet ledger, you need to buy a Nano Ledger, install a Neo application on it and from then on you can use the Neo wallet ledger. 

How do you use a Neo wallet?

This depends on which Neo wallet you are eventually going to use. In principle you always use an address where you can send and receive coins. You are the only one who has access to the coins on this address through a key or code.

What options do you have with a Neo wallet?

Most Neo wallets are built as a safe place to store your Neo and therefore do not necessarily have extra options. Neo is known for the fact that you get rewards in the form of Gas tokens when you keep the coin, make sure you check your Neo wallet for these rewards. 

Neo Wallet: Conclusion

There are all kinds of different Neo Wallets and it depends on what you want to do with your Neo and which devices you use most often which one is the most suitable for you. A handy way is to use a Neo Wallet Android, so you always have your Neo coins at hand.

Another well-known wallet to store Neo coins is the Neon Wallet, this wallet you can easily download from the website and use within minutes. You can also choose for even more safety by going for a hardware wallet like the Neo Wallet Ledger.

Do you want to start investing in the Neo Coin before you download or purchase a wallet? Then create an account at the online broker eToro and start investing today!


Do you also want to fill your Neo Wallet as soon as possible?

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