Bitcoin Code: Scam or a Trustworthy Robot?

Anyone interested in online trading with crypto-currencies will have noticed how popular automated trading with crypto-robots has become.

In this review, we will discuss Bitcoin Code.

Bitcoin Code is an automated trading software and performs transactions with Bitcoin and other crypto currencies for their users.

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Bitcoin Code makes a live trading session available to new users all over the world.

Bitcoin Code users typically seek financial independence through a passive income from a powerful trading robot. By signing up and making a deposit, you benefit from an AI trading robot whose sole job is to buy Bitcoin low and sell it high.


What is Bitcoin Code?

If you are familiar with trading robots like Bitcoin Trader, you know that Bitcoin Code is by far the most popular trading robot, with thousands of users around the world.

Automatic trading platforms have become so popular because they have a reputation for making thousands of users' money profitable by trading crypto currencies.

Automatic trading platforms claim to have advanced algorithms, which are said to predict crypto market trends / price movements and therefore automatically execute profitable trades for the user.

The algorithm of the live trading platform can execute transactions in currency pairs hundreds of times per second and is 0.1 seconds ahead of the crypto currency market. This would allow the software to achieve higher returns than traditional forms of trading.

Because the Bitcoin Code software is very user-friendly, crypto currency trading has become accessible to a wider audience.

People from all over the world can now invest and reportedly make a profit in the crypto markets.

According to the software, all the user has to do is open an account, make the minimum deposit of €250 and at this point the software will work and the user basically just has to sit back, collect his profits and use the withdrawal system to transfer the money obtained in the local currency into his own bank account.

You don't even have to use Bitcoin; all Bitcoin accounts are settled in cash.

Many early adopters would use this to generate a passive income and use it to fund a lifestyle of travel, luxury, and saving for retirement.

Bitcoin Code itself claims that their automated platforms have an accuracy rate of around 99.4% (as of January 2020). This may not be perfect, but it could be more than enough to generate a solid new income.

5 Tips for Making Maximum Profit with the Bitcoin Code

  • Start small: Start by investing just the minimum of €250. With this, you should be able to build up much more money, but only if you don't mess up with beginner's mistakes and if you are careful. Do not pay attention to the homepage of the website, which claims that you will earn €13,000 per day. These are exceptions, and you will probably never earn that much in a day. Also remember that every crypto trading platform has risks.
  • Always have a portion of your profits paid out: It is wise to have between 25% and 75% of your profits paid out. If you invest everything you win you are playing a dangerous game and putting all your money at risk.
  • Follow expert user advice: There are many ways in which you can set up your robot account. These settings cause the crypto trading robot to act in different ways, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Users share their best strategies on YouTube and discussion forums. Try these settings yourself until you find your own best trading strategy.
  • Keep tax records: You have to pay taxes on your profits, how much depends on where in the world you live. Keep accurate records of your investments and profits. Hire an accountant if you are making money with this platform, especially if you are very lucky and make a lot of profit.
  • Do not invest what you cannot afford to lose: Although many people make a profit, there will also be users who make a loss. Most likely, these are unsophisticated new users who take too much risk without learning the system first. This is why they call Bitcoin Code a scam. Never invest more than you can afford to lose.

How does the Bitcoin Code work?

The software may be able to perform incredible transactions, thousands of times a minute, but without money to invest, it is missing out on potential profits.

This is where the users play an important role. The users of the software pool their money so that the trading system can invest it at the best time in the volatile cryptocurrency market around the world.

  • All the users' funds add up to many millions of euros, and the software could make millions more in profits on top of that.
  • Some of these investment profits go back into the system to pay for its daily operations, while the remaining funds are distributed to users.
  • According to the software, the more you invest, the better your return.
  • That said, we really recommend starting to trade Bitcoin Code with a small investment of €250.

The most experienced users withdraw percentages of their income. A good idea is to withdraw enough to cover the money you initially invested.

This way, regardless of the risks (no investment is risk-free), you should be able to break even. It seems that the most experienced users of Bitcoin Code tend to get much more out of it than just breaking even.

Watch out!
We therefore recommend that you always keep an eye on the market yourself and adjust your settings and trading strategies when necessary. Otherwise, you run the risk that the robot, with the wrong settings, will continue to make losses.

How to register for Bitcoin Code?

The registration process for Bitcoin Code is very simple. All you need is an internet connection, similar to other well-known websites such as Bitcoin Champion. After filling in your basic information, you will be asked to verify your Bitcoin Code account in a confirmation email.

As a new user, you need to make the minimum deposit to allow the Bitcoin Code robot to trade and hopefully make money for you.

You need to follow these 4 steps to sign up and start the trading session:

STEP 1: Registering on the website

Registration is completely free.

Fill in the registration form with your basic information, including name, e-mail address and phone number.

This basic information is needed by every provider to make sure that you are not a robot creating fake accounts and want to trade as a legitimate person.

Then wait for the confirmation email and verify the account. It couldn't be easier.


STEP 2: Your Account

Once you have verified your Bitcoin Code and logged in, a pop-up window will explain that your account is linked to a broker account on Brokerz.

The website will then ask you to add money to your crypto account in order to access the trading system.

STEP 3: The deposit

In order to start trading, you first need to put some initial capital in your account. This money will be used by the robot to carry out trading activities.

Bitcoin Code requires a minimum deposit of €250, like most other platforms, and has a maximum deposit of €15 000.

The €250 fee is a reasonable amount to consider if you lose your entire stake.

This is and remains the risk of (crypto) trading, even with the best robot. So take care not to invest too much in the beginning and only invest what you can possibly spare.

It is better to reinvest your profits over and over again to reduce the risk of entire (and large) losses.

To deposit money to your account, Bitcoin Code offers MasterCard, Visa, iDeal, and some other payment methods.


STEP 4: Demo account

Most professional and reliable trading platforms offer the possibility of a demo account.

This is a simulation of the live market.

Here you can practice with the different functions and settings without having to put in any money right away. This is a great way to get to know the platform and gain confidence before the real trading begins.

However, always remember that the simulation is not always the same as the reality.

When you start real trading you should always be aware that the market is always changing and the settings in the simulation may not apply to reality.


STEP 5: Live trading

After practising with the demo account it's time to start trading live.

After you have adjusted all settings and applications of the robot to your liking, you can signal the robot to start trading.

Each time the robot buys and sells options you can follow it live on your account. In addition, several overviews and tables are available to keep track of market developments.

You can also view the performance of your robot in the statistics.

Bitcoin Code: The Main Features



Some users report earnings of between €1,500 and €13,000 per day.

Some users even say they get payouts every day.

Some of these will be bigger than others, and you can always take some losses, but overall the Bitcoin code claims to be in the green.

A lot of bitcoin coins in one place
Please note that these are not guaranteed figures - capital losses can still occur and you should always act with caution.


The Verification System

Verifying your account is super easy.

Just sign up with your email address and authentic personal information. You will then receive an email with a link and all you have to do is log into your new account for the first time, connect your bank or payment method and start trading!

You don't need an ID card, utility bill or any other personal information to use this free software.

Your identity remains safe, thanks to this security protocol.


Paying out winnings

You can withdraw your winnings at any time, day or night, 24 hours a day.

It usually takes 2-3 business days for the transfer to reach your bank account, but that is how long it takes banks to confirm these types of transactions.

This makes Bitcoin Code one of the best tools for day trading.



There are no hidden fees with Bitcoin Code.

The company takes 13% of the trading profits off the top, but once the money reaches your Bitcoin Code account, you do not have to pay anything at all.

Euro savings
All of this money goes straight into your bank account.


Customer service

When it comes to customer service, the website is fairly reliable.

In the trading dashboard, you will find a chat feature, where you can talk live to a customer service representative for the best user experience. You can also always send an email to the customer support team.

They are available 24/7, so you can always get help if you need it.

However, Bitcoin Code is so user-friendly that you probably won't need much help, even with little trading experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bitcoin Code a Scam?

Bitcoin Code is a fully functional automated trading system that is free to use.

Some people think that a "robot" should be 100% infallible, but that is something that Bitcoin Code never claims. Just because it relies on artificial intelligence and machine learning does not mean it can predict the future.

It still requires your own skill and careful planning to get the most out of it.
You should always remain aware of the natural risks in the online market.

Even the best crypto robot cannot eliminate them.

So make sure you are always aware of your robot's actions and keep a close eye on market developments so you can intervene if necessary.

What is the minimum deposit required?

Bitcoin Code is free to use as an automated trading platform.

Bitcoin Code is connected to a series of selected brokers that require a minimum deposit of $250 to start trading.

Is there a Bitcoin Code app?

There is a Bitcoin Code mobile app which unfortunately is currently only available for Android users.

Can you earn money with Bitcoin Code?

Bitcoin Code and Bitcoin System are some of the oldest Bitcoin robots on the internet. There are several claims about users making profit from them on a daily basis. We encourage you to read this review, try it for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

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