Bitcoin Pro: Scam or a Trustworthy Robot?

There are many different ways to invest in Bitcoin and in this Bitcoin Pro Review, we will take you through some of them.

We will tell you everything you need to know about the program and get you started in this Bitcoin Pro Review.

Bitcoin Pro

In this Bitcoin Pro Review, you will learn all about the Bitcoin Pro service and how to start buying Bitcoin on your own. Read on in this Bitcoin Pro Review to find out if you like the service!

Bitcoin Pro Review - how to start investing

1 - Choose a broker: Find a broker where you can easily start investing in Bitcoin, we recommend eToro for this!
2 - Deposit money: Transfer money using one of the available (online) payment methods to get started!
3 - Search for Bitcoin: Search for Bitcoin in the search bar or filter on cryptocurrency and you will find the currency first.
4 - Invest in Bitcoin: Decide how much you want to invest at once and complete the transaction.

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What is Bitcoin Pro?

You can invest in Bitcoin on your own, but it is also increasingly easy to automate your Bitcoin purchases. One of these solutions, according to their website, is Bitcoin Pro.

It is a software that invests in Bitcoin for you and monitors the market to find the best moments to buy and sell the currency. Bitcoin Pro runs continuous calculations and thus recognizes market movements before you can recognize them yourself.


This way, the software can make quicker decisions than you would be able to do on your own. This means that you are handing over control of your investments to a piece of software, which is why we will also answer the question of whether it is safe software in this Bitcoin Pro review.

There is a lot of information online about Bitcoin Pro, but with many programs it is difficult to find the true information. A lot of the information about Bitcoin Pro and the Bitcoin Pro reviews that you can find online seem like fake Bitcoin Pro reviews.

For example, there are many Bitcoin Pro reviews that are full of spelling errors and look like they have been taken straight from Google Translate. This suggests that Bitcoin Pro is not the reliable software that these Bitcoin Pro reviews would have you believe.

How can I invest without Bitcoin Pro Review?

It is not recommended to start using the Bitcoin Pro software as a beginner because it is not clear how secure the software is. Read more about the security of the software at the bottom of this Bitcoin Pro review.

To start buying bitcoin on your own, follow the steps below. We will take you from the first step of finding a suitable place to buy Bitcoin to making your first investment!

Step 1: Choose another online broker (not Bitcoin Pro)

When choosing an online broker, it is important to look carefully at some aspects of the brokers.

For example, you should choose a broker with a user-friendliness that matches your experience with online investing.

As an experienced investor, you will benefit more from a broker with many extra features and the ability to analyse certain quotes.

As a beginner, it is important to choose a broker that is as easy to use as possible.

Furthermore, it is important to look at the offer of a certain broker. For example, in addition to cryptocurrencies, you can also start investing in stocks, ETFs, commodities and currencies, but these must of course be sufficiently offered by the broker.

Finally, the costs you incur when investing are also important when choosing a broker. The differences between brokers are mainly in the way they pass the costs on to the customer and how you can see how high these costs are.

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Bitcoin Pro Review: Buying Bitcoin from eToro


The broker for the novice investor is eToro. At this broker, you get a user-friendly and very clear platform where you can easily make your first investments.

For example, with each product you get a clear overview of the current price and the latest news. In addition, everyone can leave their comments on this page.

In this way, eToro seems more like a social media and that is also the intention. Because everyone has their own account, you can also use the Copy Trading feature.

With this function, you can see the portfolios of other investors and with one click copy them to your own portfolio.

As a beginner you also have the possibility to start with a free demo account. With this account, you get $100,000 virtual money with which you can try out the platform, all functions work with the virtual money in the same way as with a real account.


If you then want to start with a real account, as a novice investor you have the advantage that at eToro the first time you only have to deposit $50 (€42). Thus, anyone with a small wallet can also start at this broker.

eToro has a wide range of different products, so in addition to cryptocurrency, you can also invest in stocks, ETFs, CFDs, forex trading and commodities. This allows you to build a diverse portfolio without having to have an account at multiple brokers.

At eToro, you also have the additional advantage of paying 0% commission on the buying and selling of shares and ETFs. This allows you to achieve even higher returns and you can be sure that the price in your image is always the price you pay or receive.

The broker has offices in Cyprus and England and is therefore also registered with the Cypriot regulator CySEC and the British regulator FCA. This way, you can be sure that eToro complies with European legislation and that the website is completely safe and reliable.

Enough reading in this Bitcoin Pro Review and want to get started yourself? Then create an account at eToro today and make your first bitcoin investment soon!

Bitcoin Pro Review: Buying Bitcoin from Libertex

Libertex is a very different broker. Here you can buy all sorts of trading products that are all offered as CFDs.

When investing in CFD's you never get to own the underlying products but you speculate on the price. However, with CFDs you do get extra options such as adding a leverage effect or a stop-loss and take-profit.

Libertex has many different products that are offered in this way, such as cryptocurrency but also shares, ETFs, commodities and currencies. Libertex is also a great place to buy bitcoin, as a leverage effect allows you to make even more profit in the short term.

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Step 2: Create a broker account instead of Bitcoin Pro

Creating an account is very easy at both eToro and Libertex and can be done within a minute. We look at eToro as an example in this step-by-step plan. Moreover, an account is completely free, and reliable!

By going to the eToro website via the green button, you get a screen where you simply create an account with your e-mail address, username and password. You then have to confirm that it is your e-mail address via a link in your mailbox.

Step 3: Transferring money to your account

To be able to start playing with real money you have to go through an extra step. You have to verify that you are behind the account and fill in a questionnaire.

Verification is done by sending a copy of your identity document. As soon as this is approved, you get a message via email from eToro, from which moment you can really get started.

To be able to make an initial investment, there must of course be money in your account. This is also easy to do at eToro because of the large number of available payment methods such as iDeal, PayPal or credit card.


Step 4: Search for Bitcoin

Your account is now verified, there is money in it and so it's time for your first investment! Bitcoin is not hard to find and may be the first thing you see on your screen.

If not, you can easily find Bitcoin by going to the cryptocurrency page or by searching for Bitcoin or BTC in the search bar.

Step 5: Buying Bitcoin without Bitcoin Pro

Once you click on Bitcoin, you will be taken to the crypto currency's page. On that page, you will find the latest news and the current price.

To buy, simply click on "trade" to get to the screen opposite. You can then choose to buy Bitcoin at the current market price or set your own price so that the investment is made when Bitcoin reaches that price.

Since you did this without Bitcoin Pro, you are in control of your entire investment and can be sure that nothing bad will happen to your investor account.


Bitcoin Pro Review: How to start using Bitcoin Pro?

You can create an account on the Bitcoin Pro website and deposit money to start using this software. As soon as you get to the Bitcoin Pro website, you will see a lot of pop-ups and be warned that you only have a few minutes left to create an account.

When the timer runs out, it starts over and you can still create an account. These are all signs that Bitcoin Pro is a scam and your money is not safe with this website.

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How are Bitcoin Pro user reviews?

It is very difficult to find Bitcoin Pro reviews from users because there are many fake Bitcoin Pro reviews online. Even on a website like Trustpilot, every single Bitcoin Pro review seems to be written in the same way, which makes it seem like the website itself wrote these extremely positive Bitcoin Pro reviews.

The fact that many fake news sites have been created that refer to Bitcoin Pro makes it difficult to find real Bitcoin Pro reviews. Don't fall for this kind of marketing and stay away from the Bitcoin Pro website!

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Bitcoin Pro Review: Is Bitcoin Pro Safe?

No, it is difficult to come up with convincing evidence that Bitcoin Pro is an unsafe website but the many fake news websites that refer to Bitcoin Pro and the self-published Bitcoin Pro reviews on a website like Trustpilot show that this is not a safe place to buy Bitcoin.

investing in bitcoin

You need to deposit at least €250 at Bitcoin Pro to get started with the website. Once you deposit this money, there is a good chance you will never see it again.

Prefer to start at a broker that is monitored by multiple regulators? Then start at eToro!

Tip: Simply look at the portfolios of other investors on eToro to see what other cryptocurrencies they have in their portfolio besides Bitcoin to find the best additions to your portfolio yourself!

Bitcoin Pro Review: Tips Before You Begin

It takes some time to know what Bitcoin Pro is, but once you have learned that it is a scam, you will be able to recognize the tricks that these websites use to trick you. Always pay attention to how intrusive the website is, if it has a lot of crazy pop-ups or time limits, it is probably not trustworthy.

Is there a regulator?

  • When you start with a broker, always check whether it is registered with a regulator, with large brokers such as eToro and Libertex mentioned in this article, you can be sure that they are honest about it on their website.
  • Bitcoin Pro also mentions something about CySEC (the Cypriot regulator), but this is pure nonsense. 
  • If you are in doubt, check the regulator's website to see if they are indeed registered there.
  • Want to invest in stocks, ETFs or commodities besides Bitcoin? Then there is only one broker for you:

Bitcoin Pro Review: Conclusion

In this Bitcoin Pro review, you have read a lot about the software and how it is supposed to work. However, it is still unclear whether this software can really make a profit and whether you can trust it to handle your money.

If you want to use a Bitcoin robot, it is better to choose one that has been developed by a trustworthy company. With too many positive Bitcoin Pro reviews on the internet, this website does not seem trustworthy.

Investing in Bitcoin yourself can be done safely and securely with an online broker that is registered with a European regulator. For example, the online broker eToro is one of the most popular online brokers and you can be sure that your money is safe here. 

Bitcoin Pro Review: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bitcoin Pro?

As you will have seen in this Bitcoin Pro review, it is a software that can automatically make Bitcoin investments for you. The software tracks the Bitcoin exchange rate and claims to be able to better assess what the market is doing in order to respond to a changing exchange rate faster than you could.

Is Bitcoin Pro Trustworthy?

It is difficult to be completely sure if Bitcoin Pro is trustworthy or not because of the many fake Bitcoin Pro reviews. Basically, the website does not look secure and they are very pushy towards new customers. These are usually indications of a scam or at least unreliable provider.

Are Bitcoin Pro Reviews Positive?

There are many positive Bitcoin Pro Reviews online, but it is doubtful how truthful these Bitcoin Pro Reviews are. Many websites with Bitcoin Pro Reviews seem to be directly translated and do not seem to be the most reliable sources. Even on a website like Trustpilot, there seem to be many fake Bitcoin Pro Reviews. 

What are the Bitcoin Pro experiences like?

There are few Bitcoin Pro experiences from independent users that actually look trustworthy. 

What are the fees at Bitcoin Pro?

According to Bitcoin Pro's website, there are no fees for the service. There are no hidden fees or commissions either, which seems unlikely and suggests that Bitcoin Pro is not a trustworthy software. 

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