Bitcoin Fortress: Scam or a Trustworthy Robot?

Bitcoin has grown considerably and is now incredibly popular with investors. The crypto-currency's value has also increased, making it very interesting to trade. In this Bitcoin Prime review, we will take a closer look at the robot.

This software can work for you fully automatically, so you don't need much knowledge.

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However, you need to know if Bitcoin Prime is right for you as a beginner investor.

Is the platform trustworthy enough to work with?

Want to start profiting from Bitcoin? In our Bitcoin Prime Review, we will show you how!


What is Bitcoin Prime and how does it work?

Bitcoin Prime is an investment software that allows you to trade various cryptocurrencies.

With the Bitcoin Prime app, you can access your account from anywhere, and all you have to do is properly set up the different trading settings.

After that, the Bitcoin Prime app goes to work for you, applying different trading strategies and ensuring that you get the highest possible profit from your cryptocurrency investments.

With a 92% profit rate, you could make a lot of money. However, there is also a risk of losing money, which you should be aware of when investing money after this Bitcoin Prime review.

The Bitcoin Prime app does allow you to react more quickly to the volatile crypto market without you having to.

This is almost impossible to do from a human point of view, so you may miss out on potential profits if you try to do it manually.

What are the benefits of using Bitcoin Prime?

Bitcoin Prime has several advantages for you as a user. Knowing about them will allow you to reap many benefits.

Here are the most important benefits for you.

  • With Bitcoin Prime, creating an account is very easy and you can start making investments in just a few minutes.
  • You do not need any previous trading knowledge to start using the app.
  • The software will work for you to find the right moments to trade and make sure you only make profits.

Is Bitcoin Prime a scam or can it really earn you money?

It is essential to invest your money with a trustworthy company. Therefore, the question is whether Bitcoin Prime is trustworthy or not.

As you can read on the Bitcoin Prime website, the Bitcoin Prime product is fully transparent with smart contracts and Bitcoin Prime works reliably with only regulated partner brokers.

There are hundreds of Bitcoin Prime review articles online from individual clients as well as major crypto blogs and pages from the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Australia. These Bitcoin Prime review blogs are usually very positive about the broker. Unfortunately, we do not see any mention of, for example, the AFM or DNB.

Bitcoin Prime's website guarantees that it is not a Ponzi scheme. However, it is good to be careful. The fact that the broker is not regulated means that it is not clear how your money is handled and by whom.

Regulated brokers have security systems and backup plans that are monitored by authorities. As a result, you as a user are better protected against malicious persons, hackers and other malicious practices.

We therefore recommend always investing with a regulated broker such as eToro. Here you can practice as a beginner and your money is in good hands.

The following experiences of experts ensure that you know what to look out for before you put your money into the software.

Our Experiences

Here are our experts' experiences trading with Bitcoin Prime.

  • The simplicity of the software makes it possible for anyone to start using Bitcoin Prime.
  • Even if you have no experience in trading, Bitcoin Prime is a good way to make money with the Bitcoin you buy.
  • You can always decide if you want to put your investment on the market or wait until you are sure you can make some profit.
  • You can use Bitcoin Prime on multiple devices. This way you do not have to sit at your computer and can take action wherever you are.

Bitcoin Prime users seem to like the services and trading software from the Bitcoin Prime review. In general, the Bitcoin Prime experiences that can be found online with Google are positive.

Bitcoin Prime experiences are that the Bitcoin Prime app is profitable, and that you can make money and that Bitcion Prime works. The trading software works well, is accurate, and is fast with changes so you can make the best trades.

They call Bitcoin Prime reliable and secure. The trade software is protected by an anti-virus program and an SSL certificate. Bitcoin Prime also handles your personal information with the utmost confidentiality.

Perhaps most importantly, the program is easy to use and has no barriers to entry that many other trading software does. It is also available to new and beginner investors at an affordable cost.

This is what the online reviews from other websites and users say. In practice, it is up to you to check whether this is true and form your own opinion!


You should also bear in mind that you can lose the invested capital just as quickly, depending on the specific market conditions prevailing at the time.

Never invest more than you can actually lose!

Bitcoin Prime login: How to create an account?

STEP 1: Registration

Before you can start using Bitcoin Prime, you need to register on the website.

You will need to fill in some information, such as your name, phone number, and email address.

A privacy policy is included to protect your information.

Creating an account with Bitcoin Prime can be done easily by anyone in a few moments.

STEP 2: Payments

You do not need to make a payment right away.

In fact, with Bitcoin Prime, an account is free. However, a minimum amount of 250 euros is required to start trading.

This money will be stored in your account so you will not lose it.

The money can be used later to invest in cryptocurrencies if you like Bitcoin Prime.

STEP 3: Demo Account

Bitcoin Prime gives you the opportunity to practice with a demo account.

This account will not let you start directly on the live market, but will allow you to gain enough knowledge before getting started.

You will have crypto at your disposal right away, so you can get familiar with the platform.

This is how you can really get to know Bitcoin Prime and see how things work before you enter the crypto investment market.


STEP 4: Starting the investment

Only after you are sure that you know how the Bitcoin Prime platform works, do you need to start investing in Bitcoin Prime.

It is advisable to start with a low amount so that you do not lose a lot of money if the crypto market goes down unexpectedly.

We recommend novice investors to create a demo account at Libertex and practice investing there. Libertex offers more tutorials and explanations of different trading methods, and is also proven reliable for new investors, and takes the Know Your Customer test.

Review: Is Bitcoin Prime trustworthy?

Bitcoin Prime has been on the market for a while now, so many experts have tested the platform.

Based on these reviews, you could say that the app is reliable and that you can really make money with it.

Below are some of the aspects on which reliability is based.

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Trading products

Bitcoin Prime offers a large number of Bitcoin CFD pairs. Over 80 different ones in total! There are too many to list here, but the following is just a small sample of what Bitcoin Prime has to offer.

Bitcoin / USD
Bitcoin / EUR

Bitcoin / GBP
Bitcoin Cash


In addition to the trading software, Bitcoin Prime offers a wide range of tools to help you manage the risk associated with CFDs and the leverage they use. This way, a small investment can pay off big.

Customer Service

According to several other reviews, there is good customer support behind Bitcoin Prime. You can contact them via chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and they will answer your questions very quickly.

However, Bitcoin Prime does not have this feature on its website.

However, there are several frequently asked questions in the FAQ section, so you can see if your answer is among them. The Bitcoin Prime homepage already includes many of these frequently asked questions.

The Bitcoin Prime customer support experience online is also very positive, but the Bitcoin Prime app has some negative reviews.

Demo Account

Bitcoin Prime offers a demo account to help you get used to the platform.

Many experts feel that this is a good addition because no one is unprepared to start using Bitcoin.

You will get a lot of information about how to trade and how Bitcoin Prime works. TrustedBrokerz reports that it is a good reason to choose this platform over the competition.

Account Verification

As far as account verification is concerned, you don't have to spend much time either.

CoinSpot experiences it as a simple operation, activating your account and allowing you to get started right away.

It only takes a few minutes and only serves as a confirmation of the email address you provided.


Withdrawals and deposits

Bitcoin Prime gives you several options for depositing money into your account.

Grin-tech is particularly enthusiastic about the different payment methods, which give users the freedom to choose. However, there is a risk of spending too much money.

Always check how much money you can afford to lose before making a payment on Bitcoin Prime.


One great thing about Bitcoin Prime is that they do not charge fees for new users. There is no payment required to start using Bitcoin Prime or the Bitcoin Prime app.

All you are asked to do is to deposit an initial amount of 250 euros, which you can then use to make your own investments. This remains your investment money.

There are also few or no fees for the other components. You only have to pay a small percentage if your account is profitable. Bitcoin Prime charges 2 percent commission for profitable accounts. Withdrawing money is free 10 times a month, and after that you will pay 1 percent of the amount withdrawn.

So Bitcoin Prime's fees are not very high, and only apply if you are profitable.

Bitcoin Prime App

In the Bitcoin Prime review, we will look at all the features that Bitcoin Prime has to offer and one of the most important is the Bitcoin Prime app.

The Bitcoin Prime app is free to use, and after reading the Bitcoin Prime review, you can start using it right away by visiting the Google Play store on your mobile phone. After downloading the Bitcoin Prime app, you can start using it with an anonymous account, intuitive interface and fast orders.

You can access real-time market data, levers, different types of orders such as stop-loss, take-profits and limits, and 100 percent privacy.

The mobile app offers powerful software for Bitcoin trading at low cost!

At the moment, the app is only available in the Google Play Store, so you need an Android phone to use it. Libertex does offer an app for Android and Apple.

Bitcoin Prime Review: Conclusion

In this Bitcoin Prime review, we have discussed the ins and outs of this merchant. We hope that by now the Bitcoin Prime review has made it clear if this provider is for you, and if trading software is right for you.

Getting started with the Bitcoin Prime app or website is easy and quick. The reviews, of which there are countless on the internet, meanwhile, praise the program for its ease of use and potential for profit. However, it has limited support and regulation.

Want to start investing in Bitcoin and other crypto currencies after reading the Bitcoin Prime review? Click on the link and open a free account with top broker Libertex!


FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Bitcoin Prime can be difficult for beginners to get started with.

It is important to educate yourself before making an investment. Not only can you do this by using our customer support, but you can also look at the frequently asked questions.

For example, the following questions are often asked about Bitcoin Prime.

Is Bitcoin Prime trustworthy?

Bitcoin Prime offers a completely transparent product based on smart contracts and is very trustworthy and secure with personal data and accounts of its users.

Based on thousands of other Bitcoin Prime reviews on the Internet, Bitcoin Prime is trustworthy and has many satisfied users.

However, keep in mind that Bitcoin Prime is not regulated by any financial institution and lacks oversight, unlike a proven trusted broker like Libertex.

What is the Bitcoin Prime App?

Like many other crypto trading platforms and software providers, Bitcoin Prime has its own app where you can customize all the settings of the trading software, manage your investments, and make trades if necessary.

You can download the Bitcoin Prime app for free from the Google Play store.

What are the Bitcoin Prime fees?

Bitcoin Prime does not charge any fees to use its software or the Bitcoin Prime app. You do need to make a deposit of 250 euros, but this will allow you to invest and make money. 

You only pay when you make profit with Bitcoin Prime. They charge 2% commission on profitable accounts. You can withdraw money for free 10 times a month, after that it will cost 1% of the withdrawal amount.

Is Bitcoin Prime Scam?

Bitcoin Prime scam or not? Bitcoin Prime answers this question on their own website. The main argument for Bitcoin Prime is that there are thousands of positive reviews online from satisfied users, as well as blogs. So, according to them, Bitcoin Prime scam is not the case anyway.

Bitcoin Prime has also appeared in various media. However, keep in mind that Bitcoin Prime is not regulated by any financial institution.

What products can you invest in with Bitcoin Prime?

Bitcoin Prime their software works with CFDs on crypto currencies like Bitcoin. In total, there are 80 different pairs of fiat and crypto currencies with Bitcoin available for you to use. The software uses high leverage to make a lot of money with a small deposit, although this is not a guarantee. 

What are the Bitcoin Prime Experiences like?

Other users' experiences with Bitcoin Prime are mostly positive, praising the software for its accessibility, profitability, and data integrity. There are many reviews online that you can look up yourself!

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