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Looking for a Dutch broker where you can buy and sell cryptocurrency? Anycoin is the place to be! This very Dutch broker is the specialist in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Create an account with a crypto broker for free - Steps

1 - Verify your e-mail: Sign up on the homepage of our recommended broker!
2 - Personal data: Register your details so you can start investing
3 - Secure your account: make sure your account is well protected with a strong password
4 - Get ready: You can start trading a wide range of crypto currencies!

Interested in buying and trading Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and many more? Anycoindirect has a wide range of cryptocurrencies and offers the best possible support to do business reliably. In the review below, we will examine this broker in detail.

Who and what is Anycoin?

Anycoindirect is an online cryptocurrency broker with now more than 400,000 'friends' (users). The originally Dutch company has made a name for itself as an efficient trading platform since 2013 and has built a trustworthy reputation within the crypto world in recent years.

Over 7 years ago, 3 friends from a small village in North Brabant decided to launch a platform to buy and sell Bitcoin. At the time, this was still under the name Bitplaats, and was available to customers from the Benelux.

As the platform began to grow the friends expanded the active area to the European Union and launched the new name Anycoin Direct with the accompanying website.

The mission of Anycoin Direct is to make buying cryptocurrency online as easy as ordering a T-shirt. For founders Lennert Vlemmings (COO), Bram Ceelen (CFO) and Julian van der Wijlst (CTO) this has been the main goal from the first moment, and they are doing everything to make it possible!


Getting Started with Anycoin

Opening an account with Anycoin is very easy, we have created a short step-by-step plan for you to begin buying and selling cryptocurrency within minutes.

Opening an account with Anycoin can be done in four easy steps:

Step 1: Verify your e-mail
Step 2: Personal data
Step 3: Secure your account
Step 4: Ready to start


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Step 1: Verify Email

On the Anycoin Direct homepage you will find the option to 'register' in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Click on the button and immediately register your email address.

Anycoin will then send you a 4 digit code to the email address provided for verification. Enter this code and proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Personal Details

Now that you have entered the verification code your email address has been verified. The next step is to enter some personal details.

Is the account intended for a business? Then check the option 'this is a business account'. Please note that crypto can only be purchased with a verified business account.

(!) Always include your first and last name as they appear on your ID card or passport. Anycoin does not accept aliases.

With the address, house number, postcode, city and country of residence complete the information on the next page.

Step 3: Secure Your Account

Now that your details are complete it is time to choose a password. This is an important step as you do not want anyone to gain access to your crypto.

Preferably choose a password that is easy to remember but difficult to guess. Use capital letters, numbers, lower case letters and special characters for the strength password.

Double verification
An additional option you have to secure your account is the double verification. (2FA) This acts as an extra layer of security because, in addition to a password, you now need a separate code to access your crypto.

You will receive this code on a mobile device. It is not an obligation to set 2FA, but it is wise.

Step 4: Ready to Begin

All the necessary steps to open an account have been completed: your email address has been verified, your personal details have been entered and your account is (double) secured with a secure password and dual verification with a mobile device.

You are ready to begin trading coins! Anycoin Direct then offers you a helping hand through their tutorials for buying and selling cryptocurrency.

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Increase your limits by performing a phone + ID verification and uploading proof of address. For a maximum limit, then perform a video verification.

How reliable is Anycoin?

One of the most frequently asked questions when someone wants to purchase crypto is how they can do so reliably. In the proliferation of online brokers not every party is equally reliable or well prepared for potential problems.

Anycoin Direct is. The Dutch broker has a proven track record of countless successful transactions for over 400,000 customers. In 2020, this even resulted in a nomination for the Cashcow Awards.

This award is for which crypto broker offers the best service to private investors. For Anycoin Direct, this is Christmas on the cake after they launched a new innovative platform in April.

In addition, the details of the company and its owners are neatly listed in the trade register and can be retrieved. The KVK number and the business address in Veghel are public and easy to find out. In any case, we trust the company and its management with our eyes closed.

DNB Registration
Since 4 November 2020 Anycoin has been officially registered with Bank as a crypto currency exchange service. DNB supervises and guarantees a safe and regulated platform on which you can enjoy financial and crypto related protection. Of course Anycoin will continue to provide the service we have always been accustomed to!

Reviews Anycoin

A good indicator of the quality, ease of use and reliability of Anycoin Direct as a broker are the reviews from existing users. These are easy to find online and are mostly positive.

On Trustpilot there are a staggering 11,961 reviews posted for The average score of these reviews, 4.4/5, is qualified as 'excellent'. They also receive a good 4.7/5 stars in the Google reviews. A great boost for a company that takes customer service very seriously!

Whenever a user has a negative experience with the platform, the customer service team steps in, and on Trustpilot they do this without you having to ask. A staggering 82% of negative reviews receive a response from Anycoin's web team within 2 weeks.


Alternative: eToro

Besides Anycoin Direct, there are of course numerous other online broker offering investing and trading in cryptocurrencies.

Read here our comprehensive review of eToro, one of the world's leading social trading platform where you can trade not only crypto currencies, but also stocks, ETFs, currencies and commodities.

What cryptocurrencies are offered on Anycoin?

At Anycoin you can choose from as many as 26 different crypto currencies. Of course best sellers like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP) are available, but also coins like Neo (NEO), OmiseGO (OMG) and the Dutch cryptocurrency Gulden (NLG) are for sale.

Below is an overview of all the different types of crypto currencies offered by Anycoin Direct:


Bitcoin Cash
Ethereum Classic

Ontology Gas

Tip: Anycoin has prepared guides for each type of cryptocurrency which can be traded through the platform. These can be found here under the headings 'buy' and 'sell'.


In order to use the Anycoin Direct trading platform you will require a wallet. This wallet you will use to store and transfer purchased crypto.

Anycoin does not have its own integrated wallet on the platform. Looking for a broker with an alternative? Then visit eToro! Or read one of our crypto exchange reviews!

You have the choice of where and what wallet to use. On Anycoin under the heading 'resources' you will find a handy overview which recommends a number of safe and reliable wallets for each type of crypto.

Then you upload a screenshot of your wallet to complete the verification. This guide shows you how to do that, and of course Anycoin's customer service is available 7 days a week to help you!

Price & costs

As a cryptocurrency customer you will be confronted with differences in prices and fees at brokers. To ensure there are no unexpected surprises we have outlined below how these are determined at Anycoin.

Exchange Rate

Anycoin Direct bases their exchange rate on an average of the exchange rates at a selection of other cryptocurrency platforms. For the final rate they also take into account exchange rate fluctuations. Please keep in mind that cryptocurrency as a market is very volatile and the price can change quickly.

Service Fees

Anycoin does their best to be as open and transparent as possible about their costs. In the overview of an order you will therefore always find the exact percentage you pay in service fees. These are the fees required to keep Anycoin running and provide the service you would expect from them.

Transaction Fees

Transaction fees are a small amount of money you pay to make a transaction on the crypton network. Another name often used for these costs is 'mining fee'. These costs vary per cryptocurrency.

Payment Method

At Anycoin you have the choice of multiple payment methods. Each payment method has slightly different fees. These payment method costs are determined by third parties and can always be found clearly in the order summary.

For iDEAL these costs are approximately €0.30.

Time limit

The cryptocurrency market has an exceptionally high volatility. The price is therefore very volatile and can change quickly. Therefore, transactions must be settled within a certain time.

The time limit on your order with Anycoin Direct may expire. When this happens you will receive a recalculated offer from Anycoin via email. You may choose whether to accept this, if you no longer wish to or at the new price the transaction will be refunded.

Inactivity fee

Unlike many other exchanges, Anycoin does not charge an inactivity fee on its platform. Also exchange Bitvaro does not do this.

In 2013 Anycoin was the first European crypto broker to offer 24/7 customer service. They are still there for you, 7 days a week, 364 days a year. You can reach Anycoin by email, phone and their online chat.

Contact & Customer Service

Anycoin Direct has been based in the North Brabant town of Veghel since 2013, and their headquarters are still located there.

5 Marshallweg
5466 AH Veghel
KvK nr: 59466197
Tel. +314 13747174

Anycoin Pros and Cons

We have listed all the discussed advantages and disadvantages for you in a handy overview.


  • Primal Dutch company
  • Over 13 years experience
  • No annual fees
  • Reliable and safe broker
  • User-friendly and straightforward
  • Pay via iDEAL, credit card and more
  • Believing in the future of blockchain


  • Does not have an own wallet
  • No CFDs or levers
  • Maximum daily limit of €10,000
  • Maximum weekly limit of €25,000
  • Limited research and analysis options
  • Additional transaction fees depending on payment method
  • There are providers with a larger and more diverse range of cryptocurrencies

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Anycoin Review: Frequently Asked Questions

When can I expect the withdrawn funds to be in my account?

After you have chosen to withdraw money from your account, you can expect it to be in your bank account within 24 hours.

Can I invest in other currencies besides crypto?

Anycoin has specialized in cryptocurrencies as a broker. They offer 26 different crypto currencies to invest in. No other currencies are offered.

What is Anycoin's mission?

The mission of Anycoin as a crypto broker is to facilitate your buying and selling of crypto currencies with the most trusted service within this market.

Anycoin uses four pillars to achieve this: 

Be Trustworthy
Be Friendly
Be transparent
Be passionate

Where do I find the guide to selling cryptocurrency on Anycoin?

Here you will find the guide to selling cryptocurrency on Anycoin.

Where do I find the guide to buy cryptocurrency on Anycoin?

Here you will find the guide to buy cryptocurrency on Anycoin.

How much money can I earn with cryptocurrency investing?

As with other forms of investing, investing in crypto comes with risks.

Anycoin cannot guarantee that you will make a profit. This depends on your own trading strategies and the movements in the market. 

When you are well informed there are high profits to be made on crypto. Due to the high volatility the market moves at a rapid pace and the return on your purchase can quickly increase.

Anycoin review and experiences: Conclusion

We are very pleased with Anycoin Direct. The Dutch broker has been confirming their reputation as the most customer friendly broker in Europe for years and for us it is! Please note that Anycoin Direct does not have an integrated wallet on the platform. Are you looking for an alternative broker? Then we recommend eToro.

The customers think so too: after 7 years and more than 400,000 customers the reviews are overwhelmingly positive and are very satisfied with Anycoin. The platform has never stood still and has continued to develop all these years.

In 2020 there were two major milestones for Anycoin. In April the launch of the new, intuitive and personalised platform. In early November, the company also became the fourth company in the Netherlands to obtain an official registration with Bank. A big step for a company which takes itself seriously and wants to continue growing in the crypto world. As a user, you will also benefit from extra supervision and protection.

The supply of cryptocurrencies is diverse and offers ample opportunities to invest in a project that suits your interests.

Anycoin offers background information, history and developments per coin which allows you to make a well-founded decision about your investment. Something which we have not yet come across in such a practical manner at other brokers and in our opinion a big plus, especially for first-time users!

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