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A Non-Fungible token, or NFT, is an interesting phenomenon in the crypto world. Meanwhile, there are several NFT crypto's on the market, which we will discuss in this article.

The first tweet was sent by the founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey. He sent out the first tweet on 21 March 2006 with the text 'Just setting up my twttr'. Exactly fifteen years later, this tweet was sold for almost 2,5 million euro to a Malaysian businessman in the form of an NFT token.

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In this article we will explain to you what an NFT crypto is and how it works. In addition, you can read in this article how you can start investing in NFT crypto and where you can do that best.

What is NFT Crypto?

We have already briefly discussed what a non fungible token is.

In the broadest sense of the word, it is a kind of digital certificate of a code, which proves that you are the sole owner of that code. The certificate is related to the object and to a blockchain.

Often this is an original digital object, such as the first tweet. With this online tweet comes a certain code and that code is unique in the world.

What is NFT Crypto

By means of the NFT, you will be in possession of that one unique code.

In the physical world you can compare an NFT crypto with a Rembrandt painting. If you buy an original painting by Rembrandt, you are the only one who owns that specific object.

There will be copies around the world, but they will not be exactly the same as the one you have. There is only one of them. The properties or code that make it unique make the digital object an NFT crypto.

Recently, the popularity of non fungible tokens has increased enormously. Especially in the past few months, NFT trading has shot to the moon. Therefore, the NFT market is seen as a new kind of digital investment.

Examples include the first tweet, but also specific online videos or artworks. Think for example of a digital coastal work of Mike Winkelmann, of which the NFT was sold for more than 53 million euro at the beginning of this year.

Apart from that, on the crypto currency market there are also specific NFT crypto's available. For example, you can buy the Chilliz coin. Chilliz is a network which enables sports clubs to create fan tokens and sell them as NFT.

Fans can buy the NFT token with Chilliz and through that fan NFT have a say in issues, which the club proposes to them.

How can I invest in NFT Crypto myself?

Buying NFT crypto and crypto currencies can sound quite complicated at first. This is understandable since there is quite some complicated technology behind it, which not everyone is familiar with.

However, if you don't want to develop your own crypto currency, but are only interested in investing in crypto, it is not that complicated.

For trading you only need to create an account at a broker. And at this point we make it even easier for you, because we already made a pre-selection for you.

First we'll discuss two brokers and after that we'll explain to you step by step how to start trading.

Step 1: Choose an online broker

Step 4: Find a suitable product

Step 2: Create an account

Step 5: Make your first investment

Step 3: Deposit money

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Step 1: Choose an online broker

Here we discuss two brokers you can start investing in crypto on the same day. Sometimes it is even possible to start within an hour after your registration, but that depends on how busy it is.

First of all, we will discuss the broker eToro and then we will also discuss and Libertex.


eToro is our favorite broker for trading various trading products including cryptos. This broker is extremely suitable for novice investors.

For example, you can make use of numerous user-friendly features, such as the CopyTrading function. With this tool, you can view the portfolios of experienced investors selected by eToro and even copy them in their entirety.

This way, you can easily create a strong and diversified portfolio. If you are not yet comfortable with investing, you can first start with a free demo account.

This way you can invest with virtual money without any risk. Are you then ready to invest with real money, then you can start low thanks to the minimum deposit of $50 (€42).

At eToro, in addition to buying crypto, you can also invest in a variety of other trading forms, such as trading in ETFs, stocks, indices and commodities. If you trade in stocks and ETFs, you even pay 0% commission.

eToro is regulated by the FCA and CySec. You can therefore confidently invest through this platform without running unnecessary risk.

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eTorod is also a broker with whom you can trade in cryptocurrencies by means of CFDs. Just like the crypto market, is growing fast and therefore now has a large client base and several offices.

At it is possible to invest in a large quantity of crypto currencies against a high quality service. This is due to the well-organised platform where an enormous amount of coins are offered.

Besides crypto currencies it is also possible to invest in a number of other assets at You can invest in forex, ETFs, stocks or commodities.

The interface of can be used on your desktop as well as on your mobile, which means you always have access to your investments. This way you can always buy and sell at the moments that are most convenient for you.

Finally, is also suitable if you are looking for NFT crypto. They offer different types of NFT crypto with a support network like Chilliz, Enjin coin or Decentraland.

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This broker is not only a very big broker in Europe, but also a very popular one among investors. We will discuss below what attracts all those investors to Libertex.

At Libertex, you can trade in many different assets. For example, you can invest in metals or stocks, but also in ETFs and different currencies.

Furthermore, Libertex also offers a number of crypto currencies. This makes Libertex not only interesting for the traditional investor, but also for the modern crypto investor.

However, it is only possible to invest in all these Assets through CFD. When you trade with CFD, you do not actually own the asset.

Instead, you speculate on possible price changes. Also, with Libertex you have the option to set a leverage level on your CFD, which allows you to make potentially larger profits.

However, this also means that if your investment does not turn out well, you may suffer greater losses. However, Libertex offers a possible solution to this.

At Libertex you can set a stop-loss function. With this feature, your investments are automatically sold when they hit a certain lower limit. This limits your potential losses.

In addition, you can also set a take-profit function which automatically sells your investment when it has reached a certain profit. This can also be useful in a volatile market.

With the addition of a demo account and the low minimum deposit of €100, you are assured of a good start at this platform, even as a novice investor.


Step 2: Create an account

Due to strict regulations, many brokers register in the same way. It is therefore sufficient to discuss the registration process at one of the brokers.

In this case, they will discuss the registration process at the broker eToro. You can create an account at eToro by going to the

eToro logo


On the site, you can click on the heading "register". There you have to enter an e-mail address and password and then you can already join the eToro platform.

At this time, you can only look around on the platform. If you want to do more than that, you still need to verify your account.

For that, you have to confirm the verification email. And if you want to deposit money into your account, it is also important to confirm your identity.

You can do this by uploading a copy or photo of your identity document to the platform. As a final step, you also have to fill in a short questionnaire about the risks of investing, among other things.

If all submitted documents are in order, you get a confirmation from eToro that everything is approved and then you can almost start investing.

Step 3: Transferring money to account

Have you completed the previous steps? Then you only need to deposit money into your account.

Depositing money into your account is very easy and accessible at eToro. Via payment methods such as iDEAL and Paypal, the money is quickly credited to your account.

Your initial deposit is at least $50/€42. This makes investing at eToro not a big step to take.

Tip: If you are completely new to crypto investing, at eToro you can also first use the free demo version!

Step 4: Search NFT Crypto

eToro does not offer a number of NFT crypto coins, but it does offer, for example, Ethereum, which is the most widely used payment method on NFT crypto buy.

In the crypto overview of eToro, you can choose from a large selection of crypto coins to choose from. In the image you can see an example.


Step 5: Invest in NFT Crypto

Have you been able to make a choice from one of the options at eToro? Then you are almost ready to buy crypto.

In the image you see the interface of eToro where you can trade Ethereum at eToro.

Also in this menu you can set whether you want to use a lever and how big that lever should be.


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What is the function of NFT Crypto?

Earlier in this article we explained what a Non Fungible Token is. This can be any digital object that is completely unique in its kind. Therefore it can be given a certain value.

The NFT can be stored on a particular blockchain. Currently, most NFT operate on the Ethereum network.

It is a relatively young market and has only been growing in popularity for a few months.

Some crypto offer services where NFT can be bought with the crypto currency. These are the NFT crypto.

Because any digital object can be turned into an NFT, the function of the crypto can vary enormously. It depends on the project of the NFT crypto what the function is.

Different functions of NFT Crypto

For example, at Chiliz you can invest in NFT of your favorite sports club. Through Chiliz, sports clubs can create NFTs, which supporters can purchase with Chiliz coins.

Another example is Theta coin and the Theta network. Theta applied the NFT technique to a stream of a poker tournament on their network.

During this poker tournament, digital cards could be bought from, for example, the player at the tournament.

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Some interesting NFT Crypto projects

Since the NFT crypto market is still quite new, we can understand that you don't know very many of them yet. Only the example of the sold tweet has received a lot of mainstream attention. Therefore, we will discuss some interesting NFT crypto here.

We will briefly discuss the context of the crypto and how you can invest in NFT through that coin.

Theta coin NFT crypto

Since the increased popularity of the NFT crypto market, Theta coin has not been idle either.

Theta coin has taken advantage of viewers, who were watching a poker game through their network.

During the break, a call came in that viewers could participate in an auction on the NFT 'marketplace' of Theta.


Theta wants to expand and improve these NFT crypto services in a later stage. They also want to decentralize this market, so you can keep your own NFT cryptos in your own wallet, and not on a central blockchain somewhere.

In this way, Theta wants to make it possible for you to really get hold of your Non fungible token.


Chiliz NFT Crypto

We already talked about Chiliz a few times in this article. We told you then that Chiliz has created its own network on which Non Fungible Tokens of sports clubs are for sale.

With these NFT, fans can vote on certain statements or decisions of the club. In this way Chiliz wants to increase the involvement of the fans to the club.

In the future, Chiliz coin will have to become an alternative payment method. Therefore, on the Chiliz platform you can only buy NFT from your favourite club with Chiliz coins.

The successful formula has led to Chiliz being one of the largest NFT crypto of the moment.

Decentraland NFT Crypto

On Decentraland you can use NFT crypto to buy NFT in the form of pieces of land or buildings in a digital world.

It has some similarities with Minecraft and the Sims, only your possessions in Decentraland are really yours and possibly worth real money.

You can also resell your possessions on the network's NFT crypto marketplace at a later date. 

The Sandbox NFT Crypto

The Sandbox NFT crypto is similar to Decentraland. On the platform of Sandbox you can make different creations with Sand tokens.

If you think you have made something beautiful or valuable you can turn your creation into an NFT.

It is then up to others to decide if they value it so you can earn money from it.

The products of Sandbox: digital land and sand coins to create whatever you want

If someone wants to have your creations, you can sell them with Sand tokens. This of course also works if you want to buy something from someone else.

The Sandbox coin is available on their own site as well as on major crypto brokers such as


Enjin coin NFT Crypto

Enjin coin was founded back in 2019, but just like the entire NFT market, it has become a lot more popular in the past year.

The company behind Enjin coin creates NFT that can be purchased in games. You can buy these NFT with Enjin coin.

It is also possible to resell the NFT later on. This can be done against Enjicoins, but it is also possible to sell Non Fungible Token for another kind of currency.

Just like Sand tokens and the other NFT crypto coins, Enjin coins is available at

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The advantages and disadvantages of NFT Crypto

The NFT crypto offer a lot of prospects for the future, but at the moment it is still a fairly new market. Because of this, NFT cryptos also have a number of disadvantages. We will discuss some of them here.

Disadvantages of NFT Crypto

  • The biggest disadvantage of NFT and therefore the NFT crypto market, is that NFT is essentially nothing. It also has no value.
    It only gets value when people give it value, for example because more people want the object.
  •  Furthermore, the NFT crypto market is still relatively small. Many NFT crypto coins have the ambition to become an alternative means of payment for traditional currencies in the future.
  •  However, at the moment you can only pay with the NFT crypto coin on its own network. This means it can only be used locally, and it remains to be seen if a certain NFT crypto coin will ever be used globally.

Advantages of NFT Crypto

  • A big advantage of NFT cypto is their multiple functions. As an investor, you can do different things with NFT cryptos.
    For example, you can use the NFT crypto coin of Decentraland to buy a piece of land in the Decentraland world, but you can also trade with the Decentraland coin itself.
  • In fact, you can already use them in the same way as traditional currencies such as the euro or the dollar.
    Furthermore, this market is still quite young and has a lot of growth potential. Should some of these coins actually become an alternative means of payment, there is still a lot of profit to be made for you as an investor.
  •  At the moment, the prices of most coins are still relatively low, but when more people start using them, NFT crypto will become more valuable.
  •  The moment you have invested in one of the NFT crypto coins, you may wake up one day feeling very good.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an NFT?

NFT is an abbreviation for Non Fungible Token. Fungible means 'irreplaceable'.

An NFT can literally be any digital object, and they are so irreplaceable because they are unique. There is only one of them.

By means of an NFT, you can become the owner of this digital object. For example, you can buy digital films, works of art or the very first tweet.

The NFT market is a fast growing market and NFT crypto tokens are also growing rapidly. In this article, we have discussed both extensively.

What is the meaning of Non Fungible?

The meaning of Non Fungible in the context of an NFT is 'irreplaceable'. This means that the digital object to which an NFT belongs is irreplaceable and therefore unique in its kind.

It is therefore comparable to a painting by Van Gogh. Many of his paintings have been copied and you can get a copy via Google, but there is only one real version of the painting.

Where can I buy NFT crypto?

NFT crypto can often be purchased on the developer's own site. However, it is a lot easier to use a crypto broker.

In this article, we have discussed two good brokers, Libertex and Although eToro allows you to invest in a number of important crypto currencies, only allows you to invest in NFT cryptos.

What are altcoins?

Altcoins actually means 'alternative bitcoin'. They are basically all crypto coins apart from bitcoin. As you can understand, there are a lot of altcoins out there right now.

Is it also possible to buy NFT crypto coins as a CFD?

Yes, it is definitely possible. You can invest in crypto via CFD at

At you can invest in many different NFT crypto currencies like Chiliz, Decentraland or Enjin.

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