Bitcoin Meester Review - Bitcoin Meester reliable or scam?

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Bitcoin Meester is a fairly recent broker that is entirely of Dutch origin. In our Bitcoin Meester review, you can learn more about this broker and whether their platform is suitable for your investment plans.

So, are you a novice investor still unsure which broker is right for you, or do you have a lot of experience and want to try new techniques? Read our Bitcoin Meester review to find out if this broker is right for you!

Starting with a broker - Steps

1 - Choose a broker: After reading the Bitcoin Meester review, find a broker that suits your trading strategy.
2 - Sign up: Create your account on the broker's homepage.
3 - Verify your account: Go through the KYC process to start trading with real money.
4 - Start trading: Deposit money into your account and start trading!

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Investing is becoming increasingly popular and the market is moving with it. More and more brokers are becoming available to consumers, and each broker offers something different in terms of trading products to invest in.

What does Bitcoin Meester have to offer? Can Bitcoin Meester give you experiences that you don't have elsewhere?

Choosing a broker can be tricky and with our Bitcoin Meester review, we hope to help you out a bit. Interested in a different crypto broker? Try the popular eToro.

What is Bitcoin Meester?

Bitcoin Meester was founded in 2017 and is therefore still a relatively young exchange on the market.

You can only trade crypto coins there, but that does not mean that Bitcoin Meester is a small broker.

Bitcoin Meester and its Bitcoin Meester app are growing faster and faster, both in terms of popularity among investors and in the crypto coins offered.

Bitcoin Meester now offers over two hundred different crypto currencies, making it the largest offering in not only the Netherlands, but also Belgium. This includes not only the better known coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, but also many other crypto coins like Ripple and Enjin.


It is precisely because the range of cryptocurrencies on offer is so large that Bitcoin Meester is also a suitable broker for novice investors.

Bitcoin Meester offers the right support to help you make the right choices, and it is important for investors to understand what they are doing, because the world of cryptocurrencies can be very challenging.

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Bitcoin Meester Reliable or misleading?

When choosing an online broker, the guarantee of security and reliability is crucial. After all, you are depositing your own money on this platform and you do not want to lose it because the broker lacks security or is run by untrustworthy people.

Therefore, one of the main questions in this review is: is Bitcoinmeester trustworthy? We will give our opinion on how trustworthy Bitcoinmeester is in order to help you make a good choice.

As mentioned earlier, Bitcoinmeester is a trustworthy platform that offers a wide range of cryptocurrencies for both beginners and more experienced investors. You can also trade coins as well as place more advanced orders.

Bitcoin Meester's support is entirely in Dutch and the interface is very user-friendly; everything is understandable and well-organised. They also offer 2-factor authentication that makes sure no one can access your account without your personal permission.


Bitcoin Meester is registered with the Chamber of Commerce and is also part of Coin Meester BV.

They have no hidden fees, there is nothing you can buy or sell that is not listed on the website.

In terms of security, users have positive Bitcoin Meester experiences. They are an active broker who also appears at conferences, trade shows, and clearly advertise.

Finally, other reviews and user reaction show that their Bitcoin Meester experiences are considered positive. Their customer service is very accessible via both email and phone and even WhatsApp, which they can be contacted on weekdays from 9 to 17.

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Bitcion Meester Review: How to get started?

Getting started with Bitcoin Meester is easy and suitable for both beginners and experienced investors! Creating a new account is easy from the website or by downloading the Bitcoin Meester app!

The Bitcoin Meester app can be used for this on android and iOS, although the Bitcoin Meester app seems to get stuck a bit more often lately according to Bitcoin Meester review in the app store.

Registering after reading the Bitcoin Meester review is fortunately very easy. Once you are on their site, click on "Open an Account", then you need to fill in your personal details and create a password.

Then click on "Create Account" and verify your email address. Now you can log in.

Make sure your "Portfolio" tab is active. Here you can click on the "Deposit Euros" button. Next you need to enter the amount you would like to invest.

The payment can be done with several payment methods, so you can choose the method you prefer. The money is usually in your account within hours to days, depending on the chosen payment method.

How to buy cryptocurrency with Bitcoin Meester?

From your "Portfolio" tab, you can click on the cryptocurrency you want to invest in. You can also click on the "Buy" button. For example, you can look at the Bitcoin price and then buy Bitcoin.

Next, a window will open for the desired crypto currency, where you can indicate how many euros you want to invest for it.

Click "Buy" and if you have enough funds, the crypto currency is yours. It is placed in your wallet almost immediately and can be sold again if you want to due to changes in the price.

Is the Bitcoin Meester app trustworthy?

Since 2020, the Bitcoin Meester app has been available for both Android and iOS. It allows the user to trade cryptocurrency at any time of the day, wherever you are.

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Years of work have gone into getting the app functioning, but as can happen to any app, it unfortunately crashes sometimes. However, this does not affect your purchases or account and regular maintenance is performed to fix these problems.

Is the Bitcoin Meester app trustworthy? We think so, as the Bitcoin Meester app is carefully designed and constructed to be reliable just like the Bitcoin Meester desktop version. Maintaining an app like this is part of the job.

Don't like the app? Luckily, the website is well-optimized for any smartphone and tablet, so you can use it without any problems on your device.

Therefore, the conclusion here of the Bitcoin Meester review is that BitcoinMeester is trustworthy, as demonstrated by the Bitcoin Meester reviews, the Bitcoin Meester user experiences, and the way the broker is set up.

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Bitcoin Meester Review: Costs

Investing is about money, of course, and most brokers charge fees to use their services. Most Bitcoin Meester experiences have been positive about these fees. For the Bitcoin Meester review, we will discuss them briefly.

When you buy or sell, there are fees associated with Bitcoin Meester, these are called margins. These margins are automatically charged to your account.

The standard is around 2%, with a possible discount of up to 1.75%. The processing of these margins is based on the price of the crypto coin at the time of purchase.

Stablecoins have a fixed margin of 0,1%. The VIP level has no influence on this.

In addition, there is a charge for directly exchanging the crypto currency, where you always get half of the margin. Depending on your VIP level, the standard margin is 1%.

There are also fees for sending coins. Bitcoin Meester does not get this fee itself, it is only charged to ensure that the transaction in question is processed quickly by the network.

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Bitcoin Meester Review: Trading products offered

A Bitcoin Meester review is only complete when you know what trading products are offered. Anyone who has been paying attention will know that this broker only offers cryptocurrency.

Trading cryptocurrencies has become increasingly popular over the past few years, and that is why Bitcoinmeester offers a reliable and secure broker where you can trade these crypto currencies.

The broker is not without reason one of the largest cryptocurrency providers in the Benelux and offers more than 200 different coins. That's too many to mention them all, of course, but below we will list some of the most popular options for the Bitcoin Meester review.



Voyager T.

In the Bitcoin Meester review, we also want to briefly discuss some of the most traded crypto currencies on the site. If you are interested in investing with these coins, these might be the crypto currencies you are considering or have heard people around you talk about.


Bitcoin is the largest and best known crypto currency in the world. As the 'mother' of all crypto currencies, Bitcoin has been around since 2009, and its value has exploded almost countless times since then.

For many investors and perhaps also the readers of this Bitcoin Meester review, Bitcoin will be one of the first coins they buy. The price of other crypto currencies often moves with the price of BTC, and many coins can be traded in pairs with Bitcoin, making it useful to have it on your balance.


ethereum logo

Ethereum is Bitcoin's natural counterpart and the second largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalisation. Ethereum differs from Bitcoin by providing a platform with more applications, on which other coins and systems can be built.

Ethereum therefore has more usability than Bitcoin, but is still seen as a large-scale investment by fewer large companies and funds. Ethereum fans, however, believe that the coin will eventually have a larger market share than Bitcoin, and that Ethereum's price will rise sharply in the process.


dogecoin logo

Dogecoin has been in the news a lot in recent months, even on the major US television show Saturday Night Live. Once founded as a joke and a criticism of Bitcoin, Doge in the year 2021 has grown into a serious crypto currency with a large fan base.

The most famous fan is probably multimillionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, who you may know from his companies Tesla (electric cars) or SpaceX (space travel). Musk is an avid Doge fan and regularly mentions the currency in tweets on his Twitter account.

However, the price of Dogecoin is very volatile and a large proportion of Doge coins are held by a small group of investors, of which Elon Musk is probably one of the larger ones.

Dogecoin thrives on positive news and sometimes rises sharply in value, but it also carries an extraordinary amount of risk because of this. If you want to invest in Dogecoin after reading this Bitcoin Meester review, it is recommended to set up very good risk management for unexpected drops.

Tip: there are brokers where you have a smaller range of coins, but on the other hand have more variety of other trading products, where you can choose which ones suit you best. An example of this not from the Bitcoin Meester review is eToro.

Bitcoin Meester can be reached in several ways. During office hours you can always reach them by email, phone, or even WhatsApp. On weekends, you can always email them.

Their office is here in the Netherlands, in Aalsmeer. When you give them your customer number, you can enjoy faster service and their site offers several tutorials that make investing easier.

Bitcoin Meester Customer Service Experiences

What's more, Bitcoin Meester is based in the Netherlands, so customer support is also entirely in Dutch unless requested otherwise. This makes communication easier and especially for the novice investor you can quickly access clear and easy to understand explanations.

Many brokers do offer Dutch information on their website, but a fully Dutch speaking customer service is definitely of added value.

Bitcoin Meester Review: What are the pros and cons?


  • Low fees
  • Dutch customer support
  • Offering over 200 cryptocurrencies
  • Two-factor authentication for security
  • Interest of up to 10% on some crypto currencies
  • Easy to reach by phone, email and WhatsApp


  • No stop loss
  • Costs relatively high
  • Additional transaction fees
  • Occasional failures and maintenance in app

Bitcoin Meester Review: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bitcoin Meester?

Bitcoin Meester is a broker where you can only trade crypto currencies. They are a relatively young broker, but they are growing very quickly.

In fact, Bitcoin Meester offers over two hundred different crypto currencies.

What crypto currencies can I invest in with Bitcoin Meester?

Bitcoin Meester offers many different cryptocurrencies, up to at least 200. Some brokers only offer the better known cryptocurrencies, but Bitcoin Meester offers much more.

With just a few clicks, you can buy not only well-known crypto currencies, such as Ripple or
Ethereum, but also lesser known ones, such as Ocean.

What are Bitcoin Meester fees?

Bitcoin Meester charges variable fees that are influenced by your own trading volume, among other things.

You are also charged for depositing credit. For example, if you pay with iDEAL, you will be charged €1,- if you deposit an amount below €1000,-.

Furthermore, there is a standard 2% handling fee. However, as an investor you can save up to 1.75%.

Creating an account is free.

I am a novice investor. Is Bitcoin Meester right for me?

Bitcoin Meester is a good option for novice investors. There is a good customer support team and several tutorials on the site.

There are also many different coins to choose from, which makes it possible for the novice investor to invest in cryptocurrencies that are somewhat safer in nature.


Bitcoin Meester Experiences and Final Review Bitcoin Meester Review

All in all, you will have a pleasant Bitcoin Meester experience both as a beginner and an experienced investor. You can get plenty of help, but also try out interesting new strategies with the newer or perhaps riskier cryptocurrencies.

However, you have to accept the extra costs involved and of course be able to afford them. If you like to work via app, this broker may be less suitable, but the site is also very easy to use via your mobile phone or tablet.

If you prefer to invest in something else than just cryptocurrency, we recommend another broker. At Bitcoinmeester it is only possible to trade in crypto and other trading products are therefore not discussed. A good alternative is eToro.

Do you think after this Bitcoinmeester review that this is the broker for you? Then quickly go to the website and create an account! Do you still want to orientate? Then read our reviews of other suitable brokers.

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Interested in investing thanks to this Bitcoinmeester Review?

Then start investing quickly and create an account at your favourite broker! Prefer to practice first with a free demo account? Then get started today at eToro!

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