Best Bitcoin Exchange review | A full review - 2021

Best Bitcoin Exchange

Trading in cryptocurrencies is popular. More and more people are taking the step to start trading. But how do you start investing in cryptocurrency? And which bitcoin exchange in the Netherlands is the best? We find out.

Choosing a cryptocurrency exchange is a must. After all, you need the exchange to buy and sell your crypto. However, the range of exchanges is huge and can be overwhelming for new traders.

Starting with Crypto Exchanges

1 - Choose a broker: Find a suitable crypto provider so you can get started easily (we recommend eToro!)
2 - Deposit money: Easily deposit money into your account so you can get started right away.
3 - Choose a cryptocurrency: Choose a suitable cryptocurrency that you think is going to experience great growth.
4 - Buy your cryptocurrency: Complete the transaction and you are immediately the owner of your chosen shares.

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That's why in this article we want to review three different Bitcoin exchanges for their advantages and disadvantages. Then we will put them in a handy comparison table for you. So you know in no time the best Bitcoin exchange Netherlands!

Why invest in cryptocurrency through Crypto Exchanges?

Cryptocurrencies have been in the news a lot lately. Both the immense rise of Bitcoin and the successive collapse of crypto currencies could be read everywhere.

In the meantime, crypto is bouncing back and the largest crypto exchanges have only increased in size due to the growing interest in crypto. Even at the lowest point in the price of Bitcoin, the coin was still worth more than ever in previous years.

Moreover, crypto Bitcoin can not be counterfeited. The crypto exchanges we discuss in this article are also suitable as Bitcoin exchanges.

Experts also say that the prospects for Bitcoin are bright. They think that the price will rise to $100,000. It is therefore time to join a Bitcoin exchange! The largest crypto exchanges in our test all offer Bitcoin.


Are you ready to start trading? Start for free with eToro! The best crypto exchange from the test!


To help you get started, we selected and compared the three most interesting crypto exchanges out of the many Bitcoin exchanges! Looking for a crypto exchange Netherlands? These brokers are of course also active in our country!
Below you can read our own analysis which Bitcoin exchanges as a platform are the most interesting for beginning crypto traders. Compare and choose a decent bitcoin exchange!

What is a Crypto Exchange?

At a crypto exchange, you can buy and trade different digital currencies with each other. A crypto exchange can consist of different parts.

There are crypto exchanges that make it possible to buy cryptocurrency directly from the exchange itself and crypto exchanges offer various markets where you can trade coins with other investors.

There are also major differences between the well-known crypto exchanges. It may be that the costs when buying crypto differ, but also the supply of cryptocurrency that you can buy at a crypto exchange differs.

Cryptocurrency buying has been a special investment for investors for years, where you can earn a lot of money in a short period of time. In contrast to shares, for example, you can only buy cryptocurrency yourself.

There are no banks or investment companies that have a programme you can use and where investments are made automatically. So you will have to create your own account at a crypto exchange in order to start buying crypto.

Compare the best Crypto Exchanges

Below we will compare some of the best crypto exchanges. All these exchanges comply with European legislation and have a European regulator that licenses the companies.

eTorod logo

Number of types of crypto




Demo account








Years active




Customer service

Contact form website

24/5 live chat

Contact form website

Withdraw money


Cost of inactivity


€10 p/m after 1 year


Transaction costs

Depending on the market situation

0.75% - 4.5%

Variable spreads depending on the trading instrument

Minimum deposit




Set up




Price alerts




The best Dutch Crypto Exchanges 2021

Have you compared the features well and do you already have an idea which Bitcoin exchange suits you best? Choosing a bitcoin exchange should be done carefully!

Check out the main advantages of each crypto exchange so you can make a well-informed choice. We will also take a closer look at the background and functionality of the bitcoin exchanges.

Do you, as a beginner, want to get started with various cryptocurrencies at a bitcoin exchange? At eToro this can be done safely and responsibly. The Bitcoin exchange takes you by the hand into the crypto world and offers unique features to further develop yourself as a trader.

1. eToro: Best Crypto Exchange in the Netherlands


eToro is one of the best known and largest crypto exchanges. Users can trade there not only in numerous cryptocurrencies, but also in stocks, commodities and ETFs.

eToro is regulated by financial regulators such as the FCA, CySEC and ASIC which guarantees the reliability and security of the bitcoin exchange for its over 13 million users.


  • 16 different cryptocurrencies
  • Accessible for every type of trader
  • Data and transaction security
  • Smart app to trade on iOS and Android
  • Free demo account with €100,000 credit
  • eToro Academy Training Center
  • With €170 a low minimum deposit
  • 0% fee on stocks and ETFs


  • €5 withdrawal fee

For beginners, eToro offers convenient features such as a free demo account, its own online learning centre (eToro Academy), extensive tutorials and excellent customer service.

The intuitive platform is ingenious enough to master quickly but also offers more than enough options for the advanced trader.

As the only exchange, eToro has the option of social trading (copy trading). With this you can easily copy the transactions of our top-traders and profit from their knowledge and success.

2. Libertex: large selection of crypto CFDs

Libertex has been around since 1997, making it a trusted brand on the financial markets. This broker is headquartered in Cyprus, where it is also registered with the supervisory authority CySEC.

At this broker, you can trade all sorts of different products as a CFD. With a CFD you can speculate on a certain price without owning the product itself.


  • Access to MetaTrader
  • Many different products
  • You don't have to worry about storing the currency
  • Useful apps for iPhone and Android phones
  • Free account with virtual money
  • Easy to deposit money
  • Discounts for high deposits
  • Extensive analysis tools


  • CFDs only

This means that with cryptocurrencies you do not need to worry about the safe storage of the coins. In addition, when concluding a CFD, you have some advantages such as setting a leverage effect.

In combination with a stop-loss and a take-profit, you can adjust an investment to your own wishes. This way you can decide how much risk you want to take with an investment.

Libertex also has a number of useful analysis tools that allow you to take an even better look at the future of a price. Furthermore, with your Libertex account you can use the MetaTrader trading platform.

3. Capital: More than 100 supported crypto currencies logo

Capital is the youngest crypto exchange of the three. This trading platform was founded in 2016 and has since been based in London, although it also has offices in three other countries.


  • Gigantic range of cryptocurrencies
  • Free demo account
  • Easy registration
  • Variable spreads
  • Deposit and withdraw funds free of charge
  • Extensive range of analysis tools
  • Different fiat currencies and currency pairs possible


  • Broker relies heavily on CFDs
  • Spreads are not very transparent, you have to figure it out for each trading instrument
  • Many analysis tools make the interface a bit complicated

Capital is an exceptionally fast bitcoin exchange and can process many orders at once. They distinguish themselves by a huge offer in different cryptocurrencies. In addition, they apply different spreads, but no other transaction fees!

Capital is suitable for both beginners and experienced investors. However, we recommend this crypto exchange for experienced investors, who can make use of the extensive analysis tools.

It is also possible to trade in fiat currencies. This way you can choose which fiat you want to trade your crypto currency against. This way you can respond to both exchange rates!

At Capital you can easily start with a demo account, which you can upgrade with a verification process if you like it. There is a minimum deposit of €20, and withdrawing money is free!

4. Bitvavo: Reliable Dutch crypto exchange


Bitvavo is a Dutch crypto exchange, a home-grown product! For those people who like to support local businesses, they might want to check out Bitvavo.

Bitvavo specializes in crypto currencies. Therefore, you cannot go there if you also want to trade stocks or ETFs.


  • Very low fees
  • Dutch broker
  • 0.25% transaction fee
  • Cloud wallet included
  • User friendly platform


  • No stop loss
  • No mobile app
  • No PayPal payment option

Bitvavo is still relatively young, which means that it lacks some of the features that other, more established brokers have. For example, the ability to pay with PayPal or trade via a mobile app.

5. Binance: Crypto exchange with its own currency


Binance is one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world. Unique to Binance is that they have their own crypto currency, the Binance Coin (BNB). This crypto currency is extremely popular these days and crucial to the success of this broker.

Binance tries to create an entire ecosystem with its platform. This is what makes the platform so driven compared to other trading platforms.


  • Large offer
  • Own crypto currency
  • Crypto exchange for BNB
  • Free cloud wallet


  • Complex platform
  • No support for nanowallet
  • €1.30 transaction fee iDeal

Popular crypto coins can be bought directly and put on your Binance wallet. Other crypto coins you buy by exchanging your other crypto coins for them. This allows you to get returns on crypto prices.

6. Plus500: Trade Bitcoins as a CFD


Plus500 specialises in trading CFDs. With these CFD's you invest in a future change in value. This could be a price movement up or down.

You can use a leverage of 1:2. You only need to put in €100 to trade with €200, but be careful, as trading is not without risk.


  • Good spreads
  • Many trading products
  • Specialised in CFDs


  • Only CFD trading possible
  • For the advanced investor
  • Platform sometimes a bit complicated

At Plus500 you can trade cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Cardano 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also choose to invest in the Crypto Top 10 index, which includes the ten largest crypto currencies on the market.

The costs for investing are a low spread. For Bitcoin, these are currently 0.30%.

How do I create an account on a crypto exchange?

eToro is our first choice for the novice crypto trader. The broker and exchange in one is very user-friendly and offers a lot of support. Below is a brief roadmap on how you can immediately start trading crypto on eToro.

Step 1: Sign up at a crypto exchange

On eToro's website, you can open a demo account with the click of a button. You can also view the platform live without an account.

On the form you fill in your personal data and choose whether the account is linked to your Facebook / Google or email address.

This only takes a few minutes!

Step 2: Verification

After filling in your profile details, you will verify the account. This is an important step for the security of your account.

For verification, you need a valid ID. This can be a passport or ID card of which you can upload a copy.

On the website you will find several videos and FAQs that can help you with the verification process. 

Step 3: First Deposit

When your account is verified, you can start using it to buy and trade crypto. To buy crypto, you need money in your account: the first deposit.

At eToro, you can deposit money into your account in several ways. This can include by bank statement, credit card and PayPal. You choose your preferred method.

Of course, all transactions are SSL-protected.

Step 4: Trade on the largest crypto exchanges

Your account at the crypto exchange is ready for trading! On the trading platform of eToro buy your favourite crypto.

During the registration you also received a virtual demo account with € 50,000. As a beginner, you can also use this to first improve your trading skills.

Would you like to start immediately or first make use of a demo account? Then register today!

Regulators and regulation

The world of cryptocurrency is still quite young and therefore regulators had a hard time coming up with the right regulations and legislation for this market quickly. In recent years, more and more regulations have been introduced, although these differ from country to country.

Last year, Dutch crypto exchanges were obliged to register with a regulator. For the crypto exchanges, this means that registering with a regulator creates additional rules.

However, users will find themselves in a safe environment and can be sure that no crazy things will happen with any available broker. Below are the regulators of the aforementioned crypto exchanges.

Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC)

There are quite a few stockbrokers and crypto exchanges that have an office in Cyprus. Therefore, they must be registered with the CySEC. Cyprus has become an interesting location for establishment because it is a relatively easy place for brokers and crypto exchanges to obtain a licence.

Large companies that have a licence with CySEC include the world-renowned broking platform eToro.

How does a crypto exchange make money?

A crypto exchange can make money from you in various ways. The most logical way is the transaction fee that a crypto exchange charges when you purchase a certain cryptocurrency.

The costs per transaction therefore differ at the different crypto exchanges. One crypto exchange may charge a maximum of 0.25% per transaction, while other crypto exchanges charge 2% of the total transaction.

In addition, a crypto exchange may also charge a fee for depositing or withdrawing money. It is important to have a good overview of these costs when choosing the best crypto exchanges, so you won't be confronted with unexpected costs.

Another example of how crypto exchanges earn money is offering to organize ICOs of new coins. This way they bring the new coin to the attention of their users while they also earn a percentage or contribution. A win-win situation.

On busy trading days, the largest crypto exchanges can earn up to millions of euros per day. Meanwhile, the crypto market continues to grow in volume and users of which the exchanges benefit.

Best Bitcoin Exchange Review: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a crypto exchange?

A crypto exchange is an online trading platform that specifically focuses on trading in various cryptocurrencies. 

How is it possible that the price of crypto differs per Dutch crypto exchange?

The price of crypto on each exchange depends on supply and demand. It is possible that there are small differences per exchange, causing the price to be slightly higher or lower.

Arbitrage traders try to capitalize on these differences by buying crypto on the cheapest exchange and selling on an exchange where the price level is higher. If price differences threaten to become too large, they are levelled out in this way.

What are cryptocurrencies?

In addition to Bitcoin, there are over 2500 other crypto currencies. These are registered in a blockchain and act as a kind of digital currency that can be used as an alternative system to traditional money.

Besides Bitcoin, the best known cryptocurrencies are Ether (ETH), XRP, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Litecoin (LTC).

What is the best crypto exchange?

This depends entirely on your personal preference. However, we recommend eToro as a beginning crypto investor.

Not only is eToro one of the largest crypto exchanges, the platform is also safe and reliable.

What is the best bitcoin exchange?

At eToro, you can invest in Bitcoin, but also forks of Bitcoin such as Bitcoin Cash. Because of this, we think eToro is the best Bitcoin exchange.

What is the cheapest crypto exchange?

The cheapest crypto exchange is eToro. The only trading fees charged are the spreads.

What are the FCA, CySEC and ASIC?

The FCA, CySEC and ASIC are among the world's leading financial regulators. 

These regulators oversee the activities of the exchange. Among other things, they look at how the security of themselves and the users is guaranteed.

What happens if my crypto exchange is hacked and I lose my crypto?

That depends on which exchange you use.

If your crypto is lost in the hack of an unregulated, offshore crypto exchange, you will probably not get your money back.

There is simply no regulatory body capable of enforcing customer protection on these types of exchanges.

If you use highly regulated exchanges like Libertex or Plus500, you will get your money back in case of a hack. This is because these exchanges largely comply with the same rules as banks. 

Also the risk of hacks of these regulated exchanges is smaller. 

Best Crypto Exchange: Conclusion

Best Crypto Exchange Netherlands: Conclusion
Cryptocurrencies have continued to gain popularity in recent years. In the wake of the new currencies and users who want to trade them, there is also a proliferation of exchanges. Comparing the best crypto exchanges is therefore very important. This way you can find the best crypto exchange that suits you.

Which crypto exchange you choose can make or break your crypto investments, and it is therefore more important than ever to make a well considered decision.



Not all major crypto exchanges are equally useful, safe and reliable. There is nothing worse than losing your investment to a crypto exchange or bitcoin exchange that does not have its affairs in order. To prevent hacks, frauds and scams you will have to research the best Dutch crypto exchange.

A simple way to check the reliability of the best crypto exchange you are interested in is a list of points of interest. Always check how long the crypto exchange has existed, how many (active) users it has and what the experiences are online.

A Dutch crypto exchange that is regulated by an (inter)national authority always has an edge. These are actively monitored for policy and must meet a number of basic requirements for user protection.


Always look at the policy of the crypto exchange. How is the customer service/support organised? Are they accessible and do they help quickly? In what ways can you approach them?

And when it comes to trading crypto, does the crypto exchange provide tutorials and video tutorials on how to do this? Is there a demo account to practice with virtual money? At eToro, all this is well organized and they help you quickly and professionally.


As far as we are concerned, eToro shows in all the above points to meet expectations. They put a lot of effort into introducing new users to various forms of crypto and trading in them, and make it as easy as possible to understand how and what.

In addition, they are the best regulated bitcoin exchange (triple) and all the risk mitigation you would expect is there. Where eToro really stands out is the ability to use the CopyTrading feature.

The world of crypto is quite complicated, then it is useful to have a guide in the form of experienced investors. Therefore, choose one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world in eToro.

As far as we are concerned, they are the absolute winner!

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