Yuan Pay Group: Scam or a Trustworthy Robot?

A new token released by Yuan Pay Group has become an absolute internet sensation in recent months.

This is because it supposedly offers a chance to generate up to €5000 for every €1 of capital invested.

Yuan Pay Group token is reportedly the official crypto currency backed by the Chinese government. The token is known as e-yuan and can be purchased through the Yuan Pay App.

But is the digital Yuan project legitimate and is it possible to make the profits mentioned above?

Yuan Pay Group logo

We have tested the Yuan Pay Group's platform in detail and concluded that it is legitimate.

In this review, we look at the features of the Yuan Pay App and provide tips to help you make the most of it.

Who is Yuan Pay Group?

Today, Yuan Pay Group is considered the market leader when it comes to electronic wallets around the world and crypto currency management.

Currently, it is the only legally regulated platform controlled and licensed by the Chinese government.

However, Yuan Pay Group has a long history. Its founding dates back to 2010, when they began working with major Chinese banks and state organisations to make cryptocurrencies legal in the country.


Thanks to this partnership, Yuan Pay Group is today the only one able to manage and organise the sale of Chinese digital Yuan through the software developed in-house.

This result was achieved after years of work, but it led to a total change in China's financial structure.

Yuan Pay App Review: Key Features!

There are numerous features that make the Yuan Pay App and its token, the e-yuan, stand out. Here are some interesting points about this digital currency.
  • Yuan Pay Group is reportedly a company contracted by the Chinese government to develop the e-yuan.
  • The e-yuan is the official crypto currency backed by the Chinese government. Other cryptocurrencies are banned in China.
  • You can only buy the e-yuan by downloading the Yuan Pay App after registering and depositing.
  • The minimum amount you can invest in the e-yuan is €250. For an increased chance of winning, you can deposit more.
  • The e-yuan is currently in high demand, which is why investors can generate up to €5000 for every €1 they invest.
  • This rate of return means that you can earn more than €1.2 million by investing just €250. It will take about six months for your investment to grow to this level.
  • The growth of the e-yuan is driven by the fact that it is the only legal crypto currency supported in China. China is one of the most populous countries in the world with over 1 billion people.
  • You can buy the e-yuan anywhere in the world. The largest traffic to the platform reportedly comes from Europe, Asia and the US.
  • There is no transaction fee to buy the token through the Yuan Pay App. As mentioned above, you need to deposit at least €250 to buy through the app.

It is safe to buy the e-yuan through the Yuan Pay App. The app is encrypted and blockchain-based to ensure transparent peer-to-peer transactions.

Get started with Yuan Pay by creating an account using the link below.


Does the Chinese government support the e-yuan currency?

According to a white paper by the Yuan Pay Group, e-yuan is the official crypto currency supported by the Chinese government.

In 2017, the Chinese government banned the use or trading of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Later, in early 2018, China released a statement expressing interest in introducing national crypto currency. This was not completely unexpected, given that China has always banned Western products in favour of locally made ones.


For example, Google and Facebook have been banned in China to protect locally created platforms such as Baidu and WeChat from competition.

Adoption of the state-backed crypto currency is therefore expected to go through the roof.

China has a population of over a billion and a culture that is open to new technologies.

It is therefore likely that e-yuan will gain mass adoption within a short period of time. Users who buy the coin now will reportedly earn up to €5,000 for every €1 invested by the time of the ICO.

Yuan Pay Group has announced that the main ICO will be issued in the middle of next year.

The Chinese government has not released an official statement on e-yuan.

However, the country's ICT ministry has given hints of the state-backed launch of the crypto currency.

Why is the digital yuan more unique than, say, BTC?

One of the main differences between the digital Yuan and BTC is its volatility.

Many traders thought that China wanted a currency that could be the new world medium of exchange. This had to be a stable currency.

But no, the digital Yuan will be a floating currency, meaning its value will be determined by the market, and you!

Here are some interesting facts about the Digital Yuan and why it is slightly more unique than the largest crypto currency, Bitcoin:

  • It is a government-approved currency: This is one of its greatest strengths. You as an investor have the guarantee that the world's largest economy will never do anything in terms of regulation that would harm this currency.
  • Growth potential: Like BTC, the digital yuan is something new on the market, which means that the level of interest guarantees growth in the near future.

Is Yuan Pay Group a scam?

Trading CFDs, Forex and cryptocurrencies is speculative and involves high risk, so it may not be suitable for all types of investors.

The trading software offered by Yuan Pay Group does not completely eliminate the risks of trading, but it certainly reduces them.

Here are some of the advantages that the platform offers:

  • Ability to trade the Chinese Yuan for someone else, with potential profits that can exceed 88%.
  • At the time of writing, it is possible to convert €250 into more than 13 digital Chinese currencies.
  • It is estimated that each digital currency will be worth over €6,000 by the end of the year.

Watch out!

Remember, always do not invest more than you can lose. The stock market changes every second. You should always remember about the risk while investing. Before you learn basic principles of the platform, you should never fully enter into it.

How much should I invest in the e-yuan token?

The e-yuan is still available for private sale, which means that investors must commit to a fixed amount. As mentioned earlier, the minimum amount you can invest with the platform is $250.

Investors who commit the €250 during the private sale will reportedly earn up to €1.25 million by July next year. This makes the platform amazingly profitable.


At the moment, there is minimal risk in buying the Yuan coin.

But this does not mean that you cannot lose your investment. Even though it is unlikely, there is a possibility that the ICO will not go as expected. Still, profitability will be guaranteed once the Chinese government comes forward to support this platform.

It is important to note that you can invest more than €250.

The maximum amount you can invest with the platform at this point is €10,000. However, given the limited investment slots, investors are encouraged not to invest more than $1000.

Yuan Pay Group aims to reach $1 billion in private sales.

The company has already raised more than €900 million, so it is only a matter of time before the private sale closes.

There were less than 1000 investment slots available at the time of publishing this review.

Visit the Yuan Pay Group website by clicking here to determine if there are any slots left.

Follow the steps below to get started.

STEP 1: Create an account

Sign up for free on the Yuan Pay Group website by submitting your name, phone number and email via the registration form.

Yuan Pay Group treats all customer data in complete confidentiality. We can confirm that they adhere to data privacy laws such as the GDPR.

For the record, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the most comprehensive law in Europe.

STEP 2: Deposit at least € 250

Fund your e-yuan wallet through the matched broker.

Yuan Pay Group has established cooperation with more than 15 crypto brokers to ensure seamless transactions with customers.

The cooperation with regulated brokers is also a security guarantee for customers.

After depositing, you will receive a phone call from the agent of the underlying broker instructing you how to access your e-yuan wallet.

Users in the European Economic Area must go through an ID verification process to access the platform.

This measure is a legal requirement in the region.

It is aimed at preventing fraud, including money laundering.

STEP 3: Download the Yuan Pay App

Yuan Pay offers both desktop and mobile apps. Through these apps, you can easily access your e-yuan wallet.

The desktop app is compatible with Mac, Linux and Windows operating systems. Mobile users can download the native app on both Android and iOS devices.

The e-yuan mobile wallet app is lightweight and therefore can be installed on any device.

Please note that the apps are only accessible to registered users. This means you need to deposit the €250 to receive a download link.

You can follow the price growth of the e-yuan and trade easily both through the web account and the apps. The communication channels of the Yuan Pay Group include email and phone calls.

You should provide your best contact details during registration, as this will be used to send updates on the upcoming ICO.


Yuan Pay App and the CBDC

As already mentioned, the Yuan Pay App is a product of the Yuan Pay Group, an officially approved company for the sale of the CBDC.

They have virtually all the legal documentation they need to lawfully carry out the sale of the digital Yuan.

Any other company offering this is fraudulent and deceptive.

By being the only one with this privilege, Yuan Pay App limits the research needed to better understand the digital Yuan, and centralizes it on just one platform.

Here are some additional features they offer:

  • Bank partnerships: The Yuan Pay App has connections with almost every bank in China and a large list of international brands. No matter where the investor is located, they can buy the digital Yuan directly through their bank account.
  • Security guarantee: By centralising the sale of the digital Yuan to only one company, the Chinese government prevents all fraud related to their currency. The possibility of Yuan Pay App scams simply does not exist, as they have multiple legal bodies regulating the operations. All activities are double checked and then triple checked for any violations.
  • Profit-oriented investment: The Yuan Pay App does not charge for the purchase of the coin. The company wants the coins to be distributed as diversely as possible, therefore a no-fee policy was a perfect way to attract investors of any calibre.
    If this Yuan Pay App review is not enough, the company is ready to provide some testimonials from globally recognised business people and investors.

  • Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Group has high hopes for the digital Yuan and is fully confident in the legitimacy of the government distributor of choice.
  • Peter Thiel, a co-founder of PayPal also has high hopes for China's cryptocurrency, which ultimately led to his confidence in the Yuan Pay Group. He confirmed his confidence when PayPal finally approved BTC payments on its platform.
  • The digital Yuan has been distributed since November 1, but Yuan Pay App suggests that due to the high demand, there is no guarantee that the sale can continue for too long.
  • The company suggests that anyone interested in investing in digital Yuan do it before the end of the year.


Is Yuan Pay a scam? Our conclusion!

It is always wise to do plenty of your own research when it comes to investing in crypto. That's because there are many fraudulent projects out there.

We've done the heavy lifting on the Yuan Pay token for you and confirmed that it's legitimate. This token is reportedly the official state-backed crypto currency in China.

Analysts predict its price will explode once private sales are closed.

The private sale is underway with a target of one billion euros.

According to Yuan Pay Group, the private sale has already raised more than 900 million euros. This means the private sale is about to end. You should grab the opportunity while it lasts by signing up immediately.

The minimum you can invest during the e-yuan private sale is €250. You can deposit up to €10,000, but given the limited slots, there is a chance that this will not be accepted.

According to Yuan Pay Group, users can expect to earn up to €5,000 for every €1 of capital invested during the upcoming ICO.

The risk of investing in the e-yuan is minimal given that it is a state-backed currency.

However, the Chinese government has yet to release an official statement supporting the crypto currency. As a result, there is still a small chance that the price will take a deep dive if the approval does not come soon.

It is therefore advisable to only invest an amount that will not cause much damage in the event of a plunge.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is e-Yuan?

The e-Yuan is a new cryptocurrency reportedly issued by the Yuan Pay Group in cooperation with the Chinese government.

It is said to be the official digital currency for the Chinese economy.

How do I benefit from the private sale of e-Yuan?

The e-Yuan reportedly offers private investors a chance to make huge profits during the upcoming ICO.

A deposit of €250 during the private sale is expected to generate up to €1.25 million in profits.

How can I download the Yuan Pay App?

You must be a registered user to access the Yuan Pay App.

A download link will be sent to your email after depositing. You can manage your account on the web platform or through Yuan Pay's highly intuitive mobile application.

Is Yuan Pay Group a scam?

No, the company is authorised by the Chinese government, with which it has cooperated since its inception.

It is currently the only company in the world authorised to issue Chinese Yuan in exchange for any other kind of fiat or cryptocurrency.

How much can I earn with Yuan Pay Group?

At the moment, no one knows how much the Chinese digital currency can grow.

But if it were to go the same way as bitcoin, the potential profits would be enormous.

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