Bitcoin Bank: Scam or a Trustworthy Robot?

There are many ways to invest in Bitcoin and as more people invest in the crypto currency, there are more ways to invest.

In this Bitcoin Bank review, we will look at the Bitcoin Bank website and whether it is a reliable way to invest in Bitcoin.

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Buying cryptocurrency involves a lot of work because there are many options online including some unreliable websites. In this Bitcoin Bank review, you will learn that Bitcoin Bank also seems to be an unreliable place to make your Bitcoin investments.

Read this Bitcoin Bank review to see for yourself if Bitcoin Bank is trustworthy, what other users' Bitcoin Bank experiences are like, and if the service is right for you. In addition, we provide a step-by-step guide to start buying Bitcoin safely.

Bitcoin Bank - How to invest in Bitcoin yourself

1 - Choose a broker: Find a cryptocurrency and bitcoin provider like eToro!
2 - Deposit money: Transfer money to your account using one of the many payment methods available at the broker.
3 - Search for Bitcoin: Filter on crypto currencies or search for Bitcoin or BTC in the search bar.
4 - Make your first investment: Choose how much Bitcoin you want to buy and complete the transaction with the broker or Bitcoin Bank!
Want to decide when to buy and when to sell bitcoin?

Start with the popular online broker eToro!

What is Bitcoin Pro?

What is Bitcoin Bank?
Bitcoin Bank is a website that claims to be able to automatically invest in Bitcoin for you using software. This software should be able to recognize the best times to buy and sell Bitcoin.

This way of investing has been around for a while and there are plenty of reliable robots that will give you some rules and then do all the investing for you. However, with Bitcoin Bank there is no proof that a robot investor is really working for you.


It seems to be an unreliable and insecure website where you have to provide data and deposit a minimum of €250. The data is then sold to other parties and it is unclear what happens to your money.

The question of whether Bitcoin Bank is trustworthy can therefore be answered before reading the entire Bitcoin Bank review. It is not recommended to join this website and it seems to be a complete scam that takes your money.

How can I buy Bitcoin by myself?

To buy Bitcoin on your own, you should go elsewhere. In this step-by-step guide, we will identify some of the safest options, which you can recognize by the fact that they are registered with a European regulator, so you can be sure that they follow the law.

By following the steps, you can make your first investment in Bitcoin today.

Step 1: Choose a broker other than Bitcoin Bank

The first step is to choose an online broker.

A broker is a website that gives you access to invest in trading products, in the past online brokers focused on providing access to exchanges so you could buy stocks, but now they also offer more and more cryptocurrency.

There are some important things to consider when choosing a broker.

For example, before you open an account, you should always look at the full range of products offered by the broker, so that you know in advance how many and which crypto currencies are offered by the broker.

Furthermore, you should look for a broker that matches your experience and knowledge about investing.

As a beginner investor, it is best to choose a broker that has a user-friendly and well-organised platform, while experienced investors should choose a broker with many extra features.

Finally, it is wise to look at the costs you incur at a broker.

These costs are often calculated in different ways, which means they can also vary widely. By starting with the broker with the lowest costs, you can achieve the highest return.

Bitcoin Bank Review: Buying Bitcoin from eToro


For the novice investor who has no experience with Bitcoin, the best place to start is eToro. This is the most convenient and user-friendly platform to buy Bitcoin.

That's because eToro also has a number of useful features that are good for beginners to use. For example, you can use the Copy Trading Function to view the portfolios of other users and copy them to your own portfolio.

This gives you the opportunity to search for suitable investments in an even more targeted way. With the portfolios you'll get to see what results the investor achieved and what risk is taken on average with a portfolio.

Furthermore, as a beginner you can first make use of the free demo account with which you can practice before investing your own money. In this demo account you get virtual money that you can use in exactly the same way as real money.

etoro-website-768x201 (1)

Once you have practiced enough and want to start investing your own money, you can start at eToro with a minimum deposit of $50 (€42). So you can start the first time from a low amount and you do not have to run big risks.

At eToro, you can invest in several dozen different crypto currencies. In addition, this broker also offers shares, ETFs, commodities and currencies. This way, you can easily build a diverse portfolio without having to work with multiple brokers.

When buying and selling shares and ETFs, you pay 0% commission at eToro. This allows you to achieve a higher return and for beginners it is convenient that the price on your screen is also exactly the price you pay or receive.

You can be sure that you can invest safely at eToro because of the registrations with the Cypriot regulator CySEC and the British FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). Because of these regulators, you can be sure that eToro adheres to European legislation.

Are you convinced after reading this Bitcoin Bank review and want to invest in Bitcoin yourself? Then simply create an account at eToro and start investing today!

Bitcoin Bank Review: Buying Bitcoin from Libertex

When taking out a CFD, you also have a number of additional options. For example, you can add a leverage effect and use a stop-loss or take-profit to automatically stop your investment at a loss or profit of your choosing.

Libertex has been around for almost 25 years, and in that time it has built up a wide range of stocks, ETFs, crypto currencies and commodities, all of which can be traded as CFDs. This means that it is also possible to build up a diverse portfolio at this broker.

In addition, Libertex also offers the opportunity to first practice with virtual money in a demo account. This way you can try out various leverage effects and learn how CFDs work.

Would you like to get started at Libertex? Click on the green button and create your account.

Step 2: Create a free account

Time to create an account at the broker of your choice. In this step-by-step plan, we will use eToro as an example, but at Libertex it goes in a similar way. Once you go to eToro's website, you can easily create an account with your email address. Furthermore, you come up with a username and password and from that moment you can get started with the free demo account!

Step 3: Transferring money to the account

In order to access the real money account, you need to verify that the e-mail address is yours, that you are behind the account by sending a copy of your ID and by filling in a questionnaire that tests your knowledge and experience with investing.

This process is required by law for every broker to know who the customer is. You will be notified by eToro once they have received and approved your verification.

earn with bitcoin bank

Then it's time to deposit money into your account, this can be done easily via the deposit money button on the bottom left. You then get the screen you see opposite where you choose how much you want to deposit and which payment method you use.


Step 4: Search for Bitcoin at the trusted broker

Now that your account has been verified and there is money in your account, there is nothing to stop you from investing. You can easily find the Bitcoin product page by searching for Bitcoin in the search bar or by filtering the cryptocurrency and choosing the top one.

On Bitcoin's product page, you can find the latest price and other investors' expectations. You can also find the latest news about the currency and more data and statistics about Bitcoin's history.

Step 5: Buy your first Bitcoin

Besides the price and news, on the Bitcoin product page there is also a big blue button that says 'Trade'. Clicking this button allows you to invest in Bitcoin immediately.

As you can see on the right, you can choose how much to invest, either by choosing how much Bitcoin you want to buy or by switching between amounts and choosing how many euros you want to invest in Bitcoin.

eToro has made investing in bitcoin very easy and you have no extra options to consider. As soon as you click open transaction, the investment is done and you will find the bitcoins you bought in your portfolio.

Don't want to wait any longer and add bitcoin to your portfolio as soon as possible? Then start at eToro and make your first investment today!


Bitcoin Bank Review: Is Bitcoin Bank Trustworthy?

If you search for Bitcoin Bank online, you will find many sites that write positively about this website and have very good Bitcoin Bank experiences. These sites have a clear interest in sending you to Bitcoin Bank, so we can not use them to judge whether Bitcoin Bank is trustworthy.

Even a website like Trustpilot is overflowing with enthusiastic Bitcoin Bank reviews. The problem is that all these Bitcoin Bank reviews have the same look and feel and language, so once again, it seems like the website is responsible for the Bitcoin Bank review.

Based on this, it is not yet safe to say that Bitcoin Bank is not safe, but there is enough doubt to be careful with this website. The website itself also further fuels this doubt by the intrusive way they try to get you to create an account.

At the bottom of the website there is information about the FCA, but it only states that this regulator has banned the selling of CFDs on crypto in England. It also states that they may share your data with a third party.

Finally, the company states that the name 'Bitcoin Bank' is only the name of the website and not the name of the company itself. So you have no idea where to turn with questions or complaints because you don't know which team is really behind this website.

Prefer to work with a regulated broker that is held to the law by European regulators? Then start with the popular online broker eToro!

How are Bitcoin Bank Customer Experiences?

It's clever, it has to be said, because there are no real Bitcoin Bank customer experiences to be found on the internet. This could mean that not many people have used the website, or that the positive Bitcoin Bank reviews online perform better and make the real reviews untraceable.

This also makes it impossible to tell whether the Bitcoin Bank customer experiences are positive or negative. Bitcoin Bank's website also features many fake testimonials with fake users who have supposedly made huge profits from the software.

Have you decided after reading this Bitcoin Bank Review that you want to stay in control of your own investments? Get started quickly at eToro!


Bitcoin Bank Review: Where to Buy Bitcoin?

Instead of joining Bitcoin Bank, you should choose a secure online broker that is regulated by one or more regulators. The examples we have mentioned in this Bitcoin Bank review, eToro and Libertex, are both suitable options for this.

With a reliable broker, you can be sure that your money is well protected. So start with eToro!

Tip: Also check out other crypto currencies at eToro to build a diverse portfolio. In this way, you spread the risk you take with your investments and the chances are higher that you will make a good return.

Bitcoin Bank Review: Conclusion

The world of cryptocurrency online is also a world of criminals and scammers. Since there is a lot of money circulating in this market, everyone is trying to get a piece of the pie and Bitcoin Bank also seems to be a website that wants to take advantage of the many crypto investors.

Almost all the information you find online about Bitcoin Bank is over-the-top positive. As is the case with Bitcoin Buyer. The question of whether Bitcoin Bank is trustworthy remains difficult to answer definitively, but all signs seem to indicate that you are being scammed at this website.

So always start with a well-regulated online broker like eToro that is safe and used by many more people so unlike Bitcoin Bank reviews you can find real user experiences.

Is Bitcoin Bank Trustworthy? Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bitcoin Bank?

Bitcoin Bank claims to offer an automated way to invest in Bitcoin. However, this Bitcoin Bank review shows that the service is not secure and/or reliable and it is unclear if your money will actually be used to trade Bitcoin.

Therefore, there are better alternatives if you want to invest in crypto like Bitcoin, such as eToro. 

Is Bitcoin Bank reliable or a scam?

All the signs about this website seem to indicate that Bitcoin Bank is not trustworthy. They state at the bottom of the page that they give your information to third parties and they are not registered with any regulatory body. So it is very possible that this is a scam. 

How are the Bitcoin Bank reviews?

There are no real Bitcoin Bank user reviews online. It seems that the website itself has written reviews of the software on a review website like Trustpilot. 

Where is the best place to buy Bitcoin?

Always look for an online broker that is registered with a regulator to make sure that it adheres to European legislation. eToro is an example of a very secure broker that is good for your Bitcoin investments. 

How can you be sure that Bitcoin Bank is safe?

It is hard to say if Bitcoin Bank is safe because there is a lot of fake information about the service online. At first, all Bitcoin Bank reviews seem positive and you might think that Bitcoin Bank is safe, but when investing, you often come across an old saying: "if something is too good to be true, it often is".

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