How to Create your own Bitcoin account in 2021!


Bitcoin is still the best known crypto currency today. Therefore, people who own Bitcoin also have what is called a Bitcoin account, but what is it exactly and what does it involve?

Create a Bitcoin Account in 4 Steps

1 - Choose a broker: Find an online broker where you can easily open a Bitcoin account, like eToro!
2 - Sign up: Enter the required information and sign up with the broker where you want to buy bitcoin.
3 - Deposit money: Transfer money to your account using one of the available (online) payment methods
4 - Use your Bitcoin Account: Start buying Bitcoin using the Bitcoin Account you just created!

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In this comprehensive article we will explain what a bitcoin account is and what it can do for you. People who own bitcoin or other crypto currencies probably already know what it is, but if you are new to it then you should read this article carefully.

After all, your bitcoin account is extremely important if you own bitcoin. Want to know why? Read on.

What is a Bitcoin Account?

A bitcoin account is where you keep your bitcoin once you have purchased it. This is where you will find the price, analysis and much more information about the crypto currency.

You can think of a bitcoin account a bit like a normal online bank account. You can manage everything in it and your login details should be kept strictly confidential from others.

Without an account you cannot own any cryptocurrency. An account is often created automatically after you buy a crypto currency.

In this case it is the most famous one, namely bitcoin. Bitcoin is still incredibly large and every day there are still huge numbers of people who gamble on the stock market and invest in the currency.


How can I create a Bitcoin account and manage my Bitcoin in it?

Managing bitcoin in a bitcoin account is very easy, but you will need to purchase the currency first. In a few easy steps, we will tell you exactly how to get an account and what you can do with it besides saving bitcoin.

Go through all the steps and find out how to make use of a bitcoin account. These steps will guide you through it easily.

Step 1: Choose an online broker with a bitcoin account
Step 2: Create a Bitcoin account
Step 3: Deposit money into Bitcoin Account

Step 4: Search for Bitcoin
Step 5: Buy Your First Bitcoin
Create a Bitcoin Account with eToro

Step 1: Choose an online broker and start creating your bitcoin account easily

Choosing the right broker is important when buying crypto. We have made a list of brokers so you can make a choice between them.

We will explain the pros and cons of certain brokers and tell you exactly what they can do for you.

Bitcoin Account Opening at eToro

eToro is our recommendation if you want to start investing. eToro has a simple overview and all the necessary specifications to find your way as an investor.

We will briefly go through all the functionalities of eToro. First of all, users of this trading platform can discover the Copy Trading function.


With this function, you can easily view or import other people's portfolios. This may give you the inspiration you need for the right investment.

At eToro, it is possible to trade many different types of financial products. These include not only shares, but also ETFs, cryptocurrencies, commodities and currencies. Due to the wide range of products, there is something for everyone.

Thanks to the free demo account, you can also first discover the platform via fictitious valua. You do not invest from your own pocket, so you can try out investments.

Also, eToro is regulated by the British FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). This ensures the safety of users.

If you do want to start investing from your own pocket, it is pleasant to hear that at eToro only a low minimum deposit is required of only $50 (€42). This allows you to quickly start with your first investments.

Does eToro sound like a great platform for you and would you like to start investing in crypto coins or other assets here? Then do not wait any longer and create an account right away!

Open Bitcoin Account with Libertex

You have probably heard of Libertex. It's a well-known broker that has been in the top tier for years.

First of all, Libertex is a very user-friendly trading platform. They have a huge number of users who trade CFDs, commodities, currencies and more on a daily basis.

Also, Libertex offers a demo account. With such an account you can find out how Libertex works and if you like it.

Libertex has been around since 1997 and has years of expertise. The broker is also a partner of London football club Tottenham Hotspur.

However, it is mandatory that you verify your identity with Libertex. Without verification, you cannot trade crypto, but you can use your demo account, Libertex is also registered with the UK FCA which makes everything legal.

You will receive €50,000 virtual play money on your demo account which you can use for a short period of time. The demo account gives you an insight into Libertex.

Would you like to create an account immediately? Click the green button and you will be redirected to the Libertex page.

Create a Bitcoin Account at Binance

Binance is perhaps the best known broker in the world. The broker offers a wide range of crypto currencies and is well known to most people.


Binance has low transaction costs and a low deposit amount. Because of this low deposit amount, they also make it possible for people who want to invest on a large scale to do so.

Binance has a huge offer of crypto coins, a good partner program and is strong in communication with the customers. Binance also has a very reliable trading platform and is very user-friendly.

There are currently 218 different crypto currencies at Binance, which means that they have one of the broadest offerings. The broker will grow a lot more in the coming years.

Would you like to start using Binance right away? You can! The broker is extremely user-friendly and has many advantages such as extensive analyses.

Want to start using Binance right away? Press the green button and you can start trading on Binance right away.

Step 2: Create your Bitcoin Account

Creating an account is mandatory if you want to trade in crypto currencies. In addition, verification of identity comes immediately to mind.

Creating an eToro account is done from the main menu. You will immediately see the heading 'register', which will redirect you to a screen where you can fill in your details.


The information you need to fill in here is an e-mail address, a password and personal details. You need to verify your identity by means of a picture of your ID card, passport or driving license.

eToro will also ask you to complete the Know Your Customer process. In this process, you answer a few questions about your experience with investing, and eToro draws your attention to the risks involved in investing. This is an obligation that every broker has.

Step 3: Adding money to your Bitcoin account

Now that you have created your account, you want to deposit money into your account. This can be done at eToro very easily and from as little as 42 euros.

At eToro, you can pay with payment methods such as PayPal, Visa and iDeal. These are immediately the most well-known payment methods that are also very reliable,

Adding money to your account is extremely safe and goes without any problems. Also, you can deposit money to your account by a quick or online bank transfer.

Step 4: Search for Bitcoin

You have created your account and by now there is money in it. So creating your bitcoin account is very close.

At the top of the search bar you search for bitcoin in this case. You will then quickly arrive at a screen where you will find the price of bitcoin.

You can search for bitcoin by typing 'Bitcoin' or the abbreviation 'BTC' into the search field. You can also find an extensive analysis of the currency here before you buy. This analysis comes from experts, but users can also give input and recommend tips and tricks to each other.

Are all the steps clear so far? Then you can definitely proceed to making your first investment.

Step 5: Buy your first Bitcoin

Making your first investment can be exciting, but it is not as difficult and exciting as it seems. At eToro, everything is clearly laid out and you soon know where you stand.

In this case you are already almost in your bitcoin account, you just need to buy the coin. You do this via the red and green button.

The red button of course stands for selling and the green button stands for buying the bitcoin! After clicking on one of the two buttons you can select a number and immediately see how much you are buying or selling bitcoin for.

Do you want to make your first investment in bitcoin as soon as possible? Then start now by opening a bitcoin account at eToro!

Creating a Bitcoin Account

Creating a bitcoin account is done once you have purchased bitcoin. Buying bitcoin from brokers such as eToro and Binance gives you instant access to your wallet where you can store your bitcoin.

In your bitcoin account you will find information about bitcoin and your purchase history. You can also see the current price of bitcoin here.

Bitcoin is still hugely popular and crypto traders continue to invest in the currency. There are also extensive analyses available in your bitcoin account which can help you make better choices when trading, such as buying or selling the currency.

However it is important that you never share your details with anyone. Your bitcoin account should only be accessible to you and no one else.


Tip: Make sure not to share your login details with anyone. The information stored in your bitcoin account is meant only for you and no one else.

Creating a bitcoin account is not difficult at all and allows you to trade in the cryptocurrency.

What is the use of Creating a Bitcoin Account?

Creating a bitcoin account is useful if you have purchased bitcoin. You can often find all sorts of information about the currency in your account, such as analyses, the price and decreases or increases.

Other than that there are no real financial benefits to having a bitcoin account. It does however ensure that you have a clear overview of information.

It does provide a bit of oversight between all the numbers and print. Your bitcoin account is also yours and no one else's, so make sure you keep your login details safe, but in a place where no one else can access them.

A Bitcoin Account is Required to Buy Bitcoin Create an account at eToro today!

The Pros and Cons of Creating a Bitcoin Account

It may sound obvious, but there are actually almost no disadvantages to having a bitcoin account. A bitcoin account is simply very useful if you are in possession of bitcoin.



  • The biggest advantage of having a bitcoin account is the overview. You get a bitcoin account after you have purchased bitcoin and then of course you want to be able to keep an eye on everything.

    It is also possible to open your bitcoin account on your smartphone and keep an eye on it.

    Your smartphone often automatically adjusts to your screen so you still have a good overview. Another advantage is that you know for sure where your bitcoin is. By having a bitcoin account you actually always know where your bitcoin is and what is going on at any given time.


  • We would like to tell you some disadvantages of a bitcoin account, but they are few and far between. There is one disadvantage to having a bitcoin account and that would be forgetting your details.

    As soon as you forget your bitcoin account login details you are in big trouble. This ensures that you no longer have access to your account where your bitcoin is located.

    Unfortunately you will have to gain access with difficulty. If you have only forgotten your password or key it is still possible to get them back via verification, but it is still not practical.

    So make sure you have a way to always keep your data without anyone being able to access it!

Opening a Bitcoin Account at eToro has never been easier. Start now by clicking on the green button!

The most important tip when having and creating your bitcoin account is to always keep your information to yourself.

Tips for Opening a Bitcoin Account

This will ensure that you do not get into trouble with other people or perhaps even yourself. You want to make a nice amount of money by trading in bitcoin and that only works if no one can touch your data.

Have you decided and would you like to create a bitcoin account as soon as possible? Then go to eToro now and start today with your first investment!

Bitcoin Account Review: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Bitcoin Account?

A bitcoin account is where you store your bitcoin. This is also the place which only you should have access to and no one else.

Your bitcoin account is where you can manage your bitcoin. You will also be able to view detailed analyses and check the price, the price is obviously the most important thing as you want to know what your currency is going to do.

How to Open a Bitcoin Account?

Opening a bitcoin account is easy. In most cases this is done automatically. Once you buy your bitcoin, the cryptocurrency appears in your wallet which is immediately your bitcoin account. This can be done for free at eToro.

Where is the best place to open a bitcoin account?

For novice investors, it is advisable to open a Bitcoin account at an online broker. This is the easiest place to invest in Bitcoin and also the easiest place to find all your investments. The best online broker for Bitcoin is eToro. 

What else can you do with your Bitcoin account?

Many online brokers like eToro offer many cryptocurrencies in addition to Bitcoin. So with your Bitcoin account, you can easily build a diversified portfolio with different crypto currencies. 

What are the differences between certain Bitcoin accounts?

You can either open a Bitcoin account with an online broker or with a crypto exchange. The main difference is that with a broker, you often invest in CFDs and do not own the currency itself but only speculate on the price. 

Bitcoin Account: Conclusion

Having a bitcoin account really only has advantages, there are no real financial benefits to having a bitcoin account. It does, however, provide you with a clear overview of your information.

In the steps above we have explained exactly how to create your account and what you will gain from it. Creating an account is not that difficult, you can also view the price of the bitcoin through your bitcoin account. Therefore open an account at eToro!

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Would you also like to create a bitcoin account?

Then start today at the popular online broker eToro and enjoy a wide range of cryptocurrencies including of course Bitcoin!

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