Immediate Edge: Scam or a Trustworthy Robot?

Immediate Edge is an online trading robot that uses technology and algorithms to facilitate automated trading in the forex and cryptocurrency markets.

The platform's website does not provide any information about who founded Immediate Edge, or when. It is therefore difficult to provide details about the history of this software provider.

It is also difficult to judge how effective the robot is at generating profits, as Immediate Edge's website contains testimonials from people who have made huge amounts of money almost overnight.

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In this review on Immediate Edge, we will analyse and verify such claims and test how effective this cryptobot really is. We will assess it on all its features, so you can decide for yourself if it can be an interesting platform for you.

Benefits of using Immediate Edge:


  • Fast payout process
  • No fees or commissions
  • Ability to trade manually
  • Helpful 24/7 customer service
  • Accepts credit card deposits

To be fair, we should also mention that there are some drawbacks to using Immediate Edge:


  • Profit claims on the website are a bit exaggerated
  • Missing data about the robot's history and origins

What is Immediate Edge and how does it work?

Immediate Edge is an automated trading robot that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithms to automatically trade forex and cryptocurrency through various brokers.

In fact, the robot uses historical data to derive optimal entry and exit points for trades, and then automatically places trades according to these calculations to maximise profits.


Immediate Edge also offers its users the option of trading manually. Any experienced trader can manually define the exact conditions under which he or she wishes to open and close trades. The robot will then execute these instructions once the conditions are met.

As a trading robot, Immediate Edge scans and monitors the market around the clock, automatically placing a trade as soon as one of the conditions is triggered.

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Is Immediate Edge a scam?

No, Immediate Edge seems to be a reliable robot. We have tested this robot extensively and it seems that you can indeed generate profit with it. Immediate Edge is therefore not a scam. However, there are risks associated with automated trading.

So Immediate Edge is a legitimate robot. But users should still be careful when trading securities and crypto currencies.


Our research shows that Immediate Edge users are satisfied and most have benefited from the robot's services. However, the website's claims of huge profits with little or no effort seem implausible.

Moreover, news of endorsements by famous people in connection with Immediate Edge is very likely to be completely bogus.

Even if you are an experienced trader and want to use an advanced tool to trade, it is always best to do research beforehand. In the crypto market, there is no guarantee of profit and market fluctuations can often be huge.


Ekrona coin's services work as described in terms of providing a cryptocurrency trading robot that will place transactions on behalf of a user on the crypto market. There are numerous testimonials on the Internet about its benefits when trading the newly discovered Ekrona crypto currency. All this shows that this robot is reliable and therefore not a scam.

Immediate Edge's automated trading robot makes some impressive claims about the effectiveness of its trading software and the success it has brought its users.

However, we could not find any clear evidence to support these claims. It is always a good idea to be sceptical about a service that tells you that it is possible to earn €1000 a day with an investment of only €250 and no extra work.

However, experienced traders may find Immediate Edge's software useful as part of a wider trading strategy, as it is possible to program the robot to scan the market and only execute certain trades. By setting up the robot in this way, a trader can ensure that his strategy works around the clock.

A trader should never completely rely on the robot to make a profit from trading crypto currencies. If you have not been active in this highly volatile market for long, this becomes even more relevant and it is always good to have a variety of crypto investments to protect yourself from market volatility.

This is especially true if you are considering leveraged trading, which should only be attempted by experienced traders.

Finally, we would like to mention again that Immediate Edge is not a scam and that there is effectively a possibility of making a profit with this trading robot.


So it seems that Immediate Edge's automatic trading system is very accurate.

Like most investment opportunities, it is not completely without risk. Therefore, it is best to invest an amount that you can afford to lose.

Immediate Edge login: how to create an account?

In the short guide below we will explain step by step how to use Immediate Edge. Once you have completed these steps, you will be able to get started with this robot and benefit from the numerous advantages this platform offers in the context of crypto investing.

STEP 1: Registration

On the Immediate Edge homepage, there is a button that allows you to sign up for the online registration process.

This is completely free and easy, requiring only that you enter your first and last name, a valid email address and your phone number. This allows Immediate Edge to verify your identity.

This identity verification is essential, as the cryptobot will not allow anyone to register using someone else's details. As you can see, Immediate Edge provides its users with a secure trading environment.

To carry out this verification process, you will receive a call from the technical team of the Immediate Edge platform. All that is required is to provide some personal information to make sure you are not trying to impersonate someone else.

Once your identity is verified, click on 'Go to Account' at the bottom of your screen. This will direct you to a carefully assigned crypto broker.

STEP 2: Deposit

Once you have landed at this broker, you can make your first deposit. To do this, all you have to do is click on 'Deposit' on the right of your screen. Please note that the minimum amount to start trading at Immediate Edge is €250. On the deposit page you can enter your payment method and desired amount.

Step 3: Trade

To start trading, simply select your desired instrument. Once selected, you will be presented with a menu where you will execute your trade. To do this, simply select 'Buy' or 'Sell' at the bottom of the screen and enter your desired trade amount.

You will also be given the option to enter a stop loss and indicate when you wish to withdraw your profits. In this way you can protect your investment from sudden market fluctuations. These additional tools are particularly useful and interesting for inexperienced traders.

Is the Immediate Edge app reliable? Get expert opinions!

Immediate Edge offers efficient features and tools that allow you to make optimal trades. The reviews on Immediate Edge indicate that this platform is worth your money because you can trade according to your own needs.

Compared to its competitors, it offers an advanced system. Moreover, Immediate Edge is accessible to traders with different levels of experience.

Another impressive feature of Immediate Edge is its underlying engine. Like some other trading robots, it is based on the philosophy of historical indicators.

It also allows you to control the factors in the equations. The Immediate Edge engine is powerful hardware because it is based on a combination of modern trading and historical data.

Immediate Edge is a trading platform with interesting features that can help you improve your crypto trading experience, but without necessarily having to learn how to trade cryptocurrencies. If you are looking for a trading application with a high profit rate, Immediate Edge could be for you.


The profit you will generate with Immediate Edge depends on your chosen trading options. It goes without saying that this cryptobot will always strive to offer its users optimal returns. After all, its image and prestige are based on this.

Your profits will largely depend on the situation on the crypto market. Immediate Edge is not some magical platform, but a trading robot that will give its users the highest possible profitability on their transactions in an automated manner.

Customer Service

  • As you probably already experienced yourself, a good customer service is essential on any platform. Especially when you're putting your capital at stake and you don't have much trading experience yet. Therefore it is interesting to know that Immediate Edge offers you as much help and information as possible.

  • Most trading robots do not offer any form of customer service. The reviews on Immediate Edge give this platform a high score on email support, where this robot will do its utmost to solve any user problems as quickly as possible.

  • Many platforms use automated software to answer frequently asked questions. Immediate Edge does not do this, and instead provides a customer service team to its users. This team will deal with any questions and comments free of charge and as quickly as possible.

Demo account

Demo account
Immediate Edge offers its users a kind of demo account. This is because once you download the trading application, you do not have to trade live right away. Instead, you can familiarise yourself with the interface and various functionalities of the platform, and only make a deposit when you are ready.


During the verification process, you have to enter some personal information. This is how Immediate Edge can ensure the safety of its customers. Although this procedure is limited, it does ensure a safe and secure trading environment.


Immediate Edge is completely free and gives traders the opportunity to invest in (digital) currencies in a simple and affordable way. Because Immediate Edge is funded through various trading agreements, you can use this trading platform for free.

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All of these payment methods are completely free and regulated, so you will not face any unexpected fees on the Immediate Edge platform.


Unlike most other trading software, Immediate Edge has no sign up, deposit or withdrawal fees. Fortunately, Immediate Edge's is limited to €250, which may be of interest to novice traders.

In addition, Immediate Edge has no hidden costs, such as subscription or signup fees. So once you fund your account, you benefit from free access to the trading software.

Payment options at Immediate Edge depend on the broker they link your account to.

Some of the most common payment methods are as follows:

  • Bank transfer: although it is a method that incurs extra fees, and is usually a bit slow, it is one of the safest methods.
  • Credit and debit cards: because it is said to be the fastest way, this is the most common method of depositing money through a broker.
  • Digital wallets: because of its speed and numerous other advantages, a digital 'wallet' is an interesting method. Two examples of this type of platform are Skrill and Neteller.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Immediate Edge?

Immediate Edge is a cryptobot that generates profits through an automatic trading system. Because trading always involves certain risks, you should only invest the amount you can afford to lose.

Is profit guaranteed with Immediate Edge?

Because Immediate Edge is an investment experiment, there is never any guarantee of profit. Profit is possible, but not guaranteed.

Is Immediate Edge a scam?

The Immediate Edge trading robot is not a scam. It is just that some of the statements on the Immediate Edge website about potential winnings seem a bit exaggerated.

Is Boris Becker using the Immediate Edge platform?

As far as we know, no celebrity has actually invested in this trading robot. However, although such rumours are persistent, they have never been denied by the individuals involved until now.

Could it be interesting to get started with Immediate Edge?

There is no single answer to this question. Although there is a chance that you can generate profit with this robot, there is of course no guarantee. However, with a small investment you can learn a lot about the market and its various trading processes.

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