Bitcoin Buyer review | A full review - 2021


Bitcoins have been a very popular trading product for some time now. Nowadays, they are not only bought manually, but bots are also used for it. Hence, this Bitcoin Buyer review!

One of these bots is Bitcoin Buyer. But the question is: Is this platform trustworthy, or is it a scam? These and many other questions about Bitcoin Buyer will be answered in this Bitcoin Buyer review.

Bitcoin Buyer Review - Buying Bitcoin Yourself

1 - Choose a broker: Find a suitable broker to buy your bitcoin from. We recommend eToro.
2 - Sign up after reading the Bitcoin Buyer Review: Go to the website of the chosen broker and create an account.
3 - Verify your account: To be able to invest with real money you have to go through the broker's KYC process.
4 - Start investing: Choose an amount, pay with iDeal, and start investing!

Curious about a broker with low costs, reliability and a large range? Try eToro for free!

Please note that with Bitcoin Buyer, you can only invest in bitcoins. Are you interested in other crypto currencies? Read our article on crypto.

Read this Bitcoin Buyer review to learn more about the platform, to see if Bitcoin Buyer is secure and to read Bitcoin Buyer reviews from other users.

Bitcoin Buyer review: What is Bitcoin Buyer?

Bitcoin Buyer is an automated trading platform. This means that when you join this platform and want to start investing, it automatically does it for you.

This way you do not need the expertise of a professional investor to make good investments, nor do you need to spend a lot of time on it.

Bitcoin Buyer's goal is to bring Bitcoin investing to the common man. According to its founders, most Bitcoin trading platforms are designed for advanced investors.

Bitcoin Buyer, however, believes that it is important that many more people participate in Bitcoin investing. The company believes that Bitcoin should be at the centre of the society of the future, and this position can only be reached if not only investors invest, but also people who normally do not invest in trading products.

Another platform that aims to help both novice and experienced investors is eToro. Click on the button and start investing in Bitcoin right away!

Bitcoin Buyer Review: Is it safe and secure?

Perhaps the most important factor about any broker, robot, or other form of platform is whether or not it can be trusted, and if it is safe. You need to be able to trust them with your money, so it is important to find out how reliable the broker is.

Is logging in with Bitcoin Buyer secure?

To create an account with Bitcoin Buyer, you need to enter your name, email address and phone number. However, there is a disclaimer that this information can be shared with third parties.

If you do not want this, it is not possible to create an account with Bitcoin Buyer. It is important to realize that by using Bitcoin Buyer you give permission to share this information with other companies.

When you sign up with Bitcoin Buyer, you are redirected to the broker OBR invest. Although this is a real broker and not a scam, they have been known to receive a lot of phone calls from scammers after you sign up because OBR invest shares this information.

Our advice is: Do not sign up with Bitcoin Buyer or OBR invest. There are plenty of brokers that are highly praised for the security of their platform, such as eToro. If you do not want to risk the data you enter on the platform, it is wiser to sign up with such a broker.

How trustworthy is Bitcoin Buyer?

Before starting to work with a broker or a Bitcoin bot, it is important to find out what others think of the platform and to make sure that they are not scammers. What is special about Bitcoin Buyer is that it is almost impossible to find a Bitcoin Buyer customer review. Therefore, it is difficult to find out if the platform really works, or if it is just a redirect page to OBR invest.

Always put your own safety first when investing online.


Because of this, it is also hard to say if there are no dangers in joining Bitcoin Buyer. To avoid unnecessary security risks, we recommend that you do not join Bitcoin Buyer.

At Bankr, we believe that Bitcoin investing should be safe and secure. Therefore, we recommend that you start with brokers that many people consider trustworthy, have positive reviews and are properly licensed to trade Bitcoin in Europe.

Bitcoin Buyer Review: How do I get started at Bitcoin Buyer?

Instead of starting with Bitcoin Buyer, we recommend you to safely start with eToro. This broker is praised for its ease of use, security and reliability. They are also licensed by the Cypriot regulator CySEC, allowing them to trade in Europe.

In addition to Bitcoin, you can also invest in other trading products such as stocks, ETFs, commodities and crypto currencies. At eToro, you can even invest in stocks and ETFs for 0% commission.

Not only does eToro allow you to view the portfolios of other users, but you can also use the copy trading function to fully benefit from the expertise of professional investors. With this feature, you automatically copy the portfolio of others with a bet amount determined by you, so you can sit back and relax.

eToro is very suitable for beginners, because you can start with a free demo account before you start investing with real money. This way, you can get used to the investment profession and to the broker's platform. If you eventually want to invest with real money, you can do so from a minimum deposit of $50 (€42).


How do you open an account at eToro?

Starting to invest at eToro is very easy and safe. Go to eToro's website by clicking on the green button above. Then enter a username, your email address and a password.

After this, you will receive a confirmation email, with which you can activate your demo account. To then activate your real account, you have to go through a verification process.

This requires you to complete a questionnaire that shows you have enough knowledge of investing to get started, and that you are aware of the risks. You also have to upload a copy of your identity document.

How do I put money in my account and start investing at eToro?

Depositing money into your account is very easy at eToro, because you can use popular payment services such as iDeal and Paypal. Click on "deposit money" and choose the amount you want to deposit.

Then choose the payment method you want to use and go through the payment process. Once you have done that, you can start buying bitcoins by typing 'bitcoin' or 'btc' into the search bar.

Once you are on the Bitcoin product page, you can start buying bitcoins by clicking on 'trade'. Choose the amount you wish to invest in bitcoin and complete the transaction. Once you have received your purchase, it is just a matter of waiting and hoping for the price to rise, so that you can resell it at a profit!

Can I use eToro also on my smartphone?

Yes, you can also use eToro on your Android or iOS device by downloading the app from the Google Play Store or the App Store. Once you have downloaded the app, you can log in with your eToro account to get started.

The mobile app not only allows you to view your investments and the trading markets, but also to open positions, just like the platform on the website. With the mobile app, you get real-time notifications of news items that may be of interest to your investments.

How does the eToro platform work?

When you are logged into eToro's platform, you will see a clear toolbar on the left, in which you can find all functions and pages of eToro. Here we will go through the most important pages.

In the watch list, you can see the prices of the trading products that you follow. You can follow trading products by going to a product page and clicking on "my watch list".

In the portfolio page you can keep an eye on all your investments. This page is very clear. You can easily get insight into the investments you have made, and whether it is wise to sell your purchases at that particular moment.

Finally, you have the news feed. Here news items are posted by other investors, so you can keep a close eye on the trends in the trading markets.


Copytrading is the function that eToro is known for. With this function, you can copy the portfolios of professional investors, so that you can benefit from the returns that they achieve.

The handy thing about this feature is that it can save you a lot of time. After all, investing can be quite a complex business. Not only do you always have to keep an eye on the prices, but you also have to make sure you have a good knowledge of what you are investing in.

With copy trading that is not necessary. The only thing you have to figure out is whether you trust the investor you want to copy enough to hitch a ride with him or her.

Are you curious about the copy trading function of eToro? Then don't wait any longer and try it out right away!

Tip: If you are not sure if a broker or Bitcoin robot can be trusted, it is better not to start investing there to avoid problems. Choose a broker you can be sure is safe, such as eToro.

Bitcoin Buyer Review: Why You Should Not Start with Bitcoin Buyer

Time to go back to the Bitcoin Buyer review. For your own safety, we do not recommend creating an account with Bitcoin Buyer.

While we cannot verify whether Bitcoin Buyer is a real Bitcoin bot or a complete scam, we can mention that the platform is very unusual compared to other brokers and bots.

For starters, nowhere on the website is it mentioned that investing in crypto carries any risks.

In addition, there is no mention of bitcoin investing in the terms and conditions.

What it does say is that the website contains information about third-party merchants trading bitcoins. This probably indicates that Bitcoin Buyer is just a conduit to another broker.

What is also remarkable is that there is no information about the team behind Bitcoin Buyer. This makes it very dangerous because you can't be sure that the people behind Bitcoin Buyer can be trusted.

Another reason not to start with this platform is that you will be bombarded with spam calls when you sign up, as mentioned earlier in this Bitcoin Buyer review.

Finally, it is quite remarkable that there are no customer reviews of this website. The website can be found on trustpilot, but there are no reviews there.

As you can see, our research did not reveal much positive about Bitcoin Buyer. We therefore recommend that you do not work with this platform to avoid unnecessary risk.


There are many different brokers and bots that you can do good business with. As we mentioned in this article, eToro is a much safer and more reliable alternative. Examples of other brokers that can be trusted are Libertex and

There are also plenty of secure bots that you can use when making your Bitcoin investment. Check out our review of Bitcoin Master, for example.

Keep in mind that it is not necessary to use a bot when making a Bitcoin investment. At eToro, you can also invest in bitcoin without a bot.

Bitcoin Buyer Review: Where to Invest My Money

There are also plenty of secure bots that you can use when making your Bitcoin investment. Check out our review of Bitcoin Master, for example.

Keep in mind that it is not necessary to use a bot when making a Bitcoin investment. At eToro, you can also invest in bitcoin without a bot.

Bitcoin Buyer Review: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bitcoin Buyer trustworthy?

Bitcoin Buyer is a Bitcoin robot about which very little is known. It is hard to say whether the site is real or a scam, which is why we advise against starting with Bitcoin Buyer. 

The site has some questionable terms and conditions, and little support and evidence about who is behind it and how the platform works. Also, the online reviews do not seem (all) genuine, reliable and in order. 

We recommend a broker like eToro where you can buy Bitcoin in a safe and regulated manner. Your personal information and money are in good hands. 

Are Bitcoin Buyer Reviews trustworthy?

There is no reliable Bitcoin Buyer review to be found, websites like Trustpilot where users can leave their Bitcoin Buyer review are full of very positive Bitcoin Buyer review pieces that are very similar. It therefore seems that the website wrote this Bitcoin Buyer review itself, making it unreliable.

Where can I invest in Bitcoin safely?

At eToro you can invest in Bitcoin easily and safely. All you have to do is create an account and deposit money. 

This broker is fully regulated by financial institutions that monitor the security of the platform and how they handle your money and investments. Your private information is also kept safe here. 

If you want to invest in Bitcoin with a reliable broker, then you are ready to invest at eToro!

What is a Bitcoin robot?

A Bitcoin robot is a program that automatically buys and sells bitcoins, allowing you to get in and out at the right time.

So you can potentially earn a lot without having to do much yourself.

How do I know if a robot or broker is safe?

At Bankr, we give honest reviews about what are safe and unsafe brokers and robots. You can also do your own research by looking at what other people think of a particular platform, and by checking whether the broker has the right licences. 

For example, see if there are any Bitcoin Buyer reviews online and if this Bitcoin Buyer review is reliable. You can determine this by looking at whether there are any downsides in the Bitcoin Buyer review, looking at who wrote the Bitcoin Buyer review and where it is posted, and whether they control who posts reviews.

Can I buy Bitcoin with iDeal?

You certainly can! At eToro, you can use many different payment methods, including iDeal. 

Bitcoin Buyer Review: Conclusion

Bitcoin Buyer is a site that many signs say is not quite right. Information about the site is hard to come by, and there are no customer reviews online anywhere.

It cannot be determined with certainty whether the site is a scam, but in any case it does not seem that the site is completely safe and reliable. This is why we at Bankr recommend that you do not avoid this platform, as you do not want to take any unnecessary risks.

One broker that we do recommend is eToro. This is a demonstrably safe platform, which is also very user-friendly and suitable for both novice and experienced investors. With the copy trading function, you can sit back while you benefit from the expertise of professional investors.

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