Jaxx wallet review 2021 | Experience and costs of the Jaxx wallet!


Buying cryptocurrency is exciting for many people. For a large proportion of investors, it is still a new world that is very different from the world of shares or other trading products. In this Jaxx review you can read all about storing your crypto coins in Jaxx.

Buying crypto to store in your crypto wallet - Steps

1 - Choose a broker: Find the best broker for your trading strategy with the lowest fees
2 - Deposit money: Deposit money easily through a variety of payment methods
3 - Choose your cryptocurrency: Buy the cryptocurrency via the trading platform
4 - Buy your shares: Complete the transaction and you are immediately the owner of your chosen shares

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In this article, we look at the Jaxx Liberty wallet. We also look at the possibilities of crypto investing at competitor eToro, and which broker is best.

What is the Jaxx Liberty Wallet?

The Jaxx Liberty Wallet is designed by the Canadian company Decentral. This company is involved in all kinds of applications for blockchain technology, including the development of its own crypto wallet.

The company Decentral describes itself as the innovation hub for decentralised technology. For example, the company was the first to open a Bitcoin ATM in Canada where you could both buy and sell Bitcoin.

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The founder of Decentral was also a co-founder of Ethereum, and one of the early investors in Bitcoin. In addition, he was also the digital director of the Toronto Stock Exchange for a time.

This makes Decentral an interesting movement that tries to get as many people as possible involved in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Currently, the Jaxx Liberty wallet is the main product Decentral has brought to the market.

The Jaxx Liberty Wallet is a way to store and manage cryptocurrency. The Jaxx Liberty Wallet can be used on multiple devices and can be synchronised with each other so you can always work with the same stock of cryptocurrency.

In this Jaxx review, we explain everything about the Jaxx wallet. Also, this Jaxx review goes into handy tips and what to pay attention to when using Jaxx.

How do I buy cryptocurrency?

Nice, a wallet to store cryptocurrency in, but of course you need cryptocurrency first. In this step-by-step plan we will guide you through the most important parts as quickly as possible, so you can start buying cryptocurrency today.

Step 1: Choose an online broker
Step 2: Create an account

Step 3: Deposit money on your account
Step 4: Choose and buy a cryptocurrency

Step 5: Store your newly purchased cryptocurrency
Create an account at eToro

Step 1: Choose an online broker

For those new to the world of cryptocurrency, it can be difficult to find a good start. The first question for many beginners will be: Where can I buy cryptocurrency?

To start with, you will need to create an account at an online broker or crypto exchange where you can start buying cryptocurrency with regular money.

It is important to check the offer of a broker, the costs it charges and how suitable the broker is for you as a beginner or experienced investor.

So before we proceed to the Jaxx review, we will first look at what the best brokers are for buying crypto currencies.


One of the most popular brokers worldwide is eToro. At eToro you have a large range of different trading products that you can trade on the platform.

eToro is based in Cyprus, among other places, and thus has a license to operate on the European market.


The license comes from regulator CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission).

The platform is known for social trading, where you can use copy trading to copy other investors and profit from their investments.

At eToro, in addition to cryptocurrencies, you can also trade in products such as commodities, currencies, stocks, ETFs, indices, CFDs and other trading products. This way, you don't have to create an account at multiple brokers, but you can make all your investments at eToro.

Furthermore, shares and ETFs can be traded completely free of commission, which saves on costs!

For beginners, eToro offers the option to start with a free demo account. With this demo account, you get virtual money with which you can practice on your investments and thus first explore the platform before you start using your savings.

If you would like to invest with your own money through eToro, this is already possible with a low minimum deposit of €42. There are brokers where this minimum deposit amount is considerably higher. This is therefore also very beneficial for novice investors.

Starting at eToro? Use the green button to register an account and start investing.


A good broker that specialises in CFDs is Libertex.

This broker has been around for years and was founded in 1997 (!). With millions of satisfied users and more than 40 international awards, they distinguish themselves in the field of service and customer-friendliness, at relatively low costs.

At Libertex, you can invest in CFDs (an underlying product) of various crypto currencies, stocks, ETFs, forex and commodities, among others. So you do not buy a share or currency itself, but speculate on the price.

Opening an account with Libertex is easy and completely free!


You can also go to a crypto exchange. Unlike the broker above, at Bitvavo you can invest in the currency directly and receive the cryptocurrency itself.


Bitvavo is a Dutch crypto exchange that was founded a few years ago in Amsterdam. It has become a very popular crypto exchange in the Netherlands due to its low costs and simple platform.

The company has explicitly chosen to make the trading platform as user-friendly as possible. This means that Bitvavo is not concerned with developing additional features.

You can store the purchased coins on the Bitvavo platform, but also send them to a crypto wallet like the Jaxx Liberty Wallet. At Bitvavo you can also easily deposit money to your account using iDeal, PayPal, Credit Card or one of the other payment methods.

Creating an account at Bitvavo is easy and completely free!


The broker Capital.com is another good option to use as a platform to buy crypto. The company is based in England and Cyprus and is licensed by a financial regulator in both countries.

capital.com logo

This broker has only been around for a few years, but has built up more than half a million users in this short time. The platform is clear and very suitable for beginning investors.

Capital.com also offers a wide range of shares, ETFs, commodities and cryptocurrencies, but only allows for trading in CFDs. At this broker too, you do not invest directly in the cryptocurrency, but you speculate on possible price changes.

Capital.com has its own customer service in many European countries, including the Netherlands. Together with the licenses they have, it is a safe and fully regulated broker.

Create an account and start investing at Capital.com now!

Step 2: Create an account

Now that you have chosen a broker, it is time to create an account. Because this process is very similar at most brokers, in this case we will look at this process through the broker eToro.

On the eToro website, click on 'Sign up now' and create an account by entering your E-mail address and creating a password.


You can try out the platform right now with the free demo account where you get virtual money. If you want to get started with real money on the platform, you have to complete an additional verification step.

This extra step is mandatory for every European broker. The broker must have a copy of your ID, know which bank account belongs to your account, and know your level of expertise in investing.

If you have completed all of this, you must wait for a message from eToro that the verification has been approved. Once you have received this message, you can switch from your demo account to your real money account.

Step 3: Deposit money into your account

Now that your account is complete, you can deposit money into your eToro account yourself.

At eToro, this can be done via various payment methods such as iDeal, PayPal, Credit Card and more.

If you deposit money via iDeal or PayPal, the money will be in your account almost immediately.

Please note that the first time you deposit money, you need to have at least €42 in your account.

You deposit in euros, but you can immediately use these in markets where dollars are used. eToro automatically converts this to the correct currency for you.

Step 4: Choose and buy a cryptocurrency

Now it's time to start your search for cryptocurrency. Do you already know what you want to invest in? Then you can easily search for your desired currency using the search bar at the top of the eToro interface.

You can also filter the entire cryptocurrency market and thus choose one of the coins available at eToro. It is possible to sort them by price increases over certain periods of time to make it even easier to find the right cryptocurrency.

If you have found a coin that you want to invest in, click on this coin to go to the market.

At this market, there is a large blue button with "open position".

If you click on this button, you see the screen that you also see here on the left.

In this screen you choose the amount you want to invest, a leverage effect, stop-loss and possible take-profit. As soon as you click on the buy button, the buy is closed and you will find it in your portfolio on eToro.

Step 5: Store your newly bought cryptocurrency

If you have bought the cryptocurrency through a crypto exchange, you need to find a place to store it.

Also in this case you can choose to leave the coins with the crypto exchange itself, but then you need to be sure of the security of the platform and your account.

If you don't have this or if you want to store your cryptocurrency somewhere else, you can send the coins at the exchange to a crypto wallet like the Jaxx Liberty Wallet.

In a wallet, coins are often very safe and this way you can keep all your cryptocurrency together if you have bought them in different places.

Have you become enthusiastic about cryptocurrency? Register with a broker and get started right away!

Jaxx Review: how to use the Jaxx Liberty Wallet?

The Jaxx Liberty Wallet is supposed to solve some of the problems of other wallets.

For example, the wallet can be used cross-platform and all kinds of features have been added so you can manage your entire cryptocurrency portfolio from one app.

Manage your cryptocurrency with the Jaxx Liberty Wallet
Below we have listed the different applications of the Jaxx Liberty Wallet for you.


Desktop wallet

You can easily download the Jaxx Liberty desktop wallet from the Jaxx Liberty website. You can choose to download a separate application on your computer, or you can download a plug-in for your browser to manage the Jaxx Liberty Wallet from within your browser.

Mobile wallet

You can easily use the mobile Jaxx Liberty Wallet in combination with the desktop wallet. This way you can always access your cryptocurrency and manage your coins wherever you are.

The mobile wallet can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android phones, or from the App store for iPhone users.

Additional crypto apps

When you use the Jaxx Liberty Wallet, you will see that it is not just about storing, receiving and sending cryptocurrency. The wallet has a number of built-in applications that you can use both on desktop and mobile.

For example, through certain apps you can easily trade your cryptocurrency for other coins and even buy coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum directly from an exchange.

There are also applications where you can find the latest news about certain cryptocurrencies. In addition, you will find a lot of information about the blockchain networks behind certain coins.

Ready for storing crypto coins? Then you will first have to buy crypto coins. If you have not yet decided which broker you want to use, we recommend eToro!

Jaxx Review: why choose the Jaxx Liberty Wallet?

The Jaxx Wallet is a simple wallet with a number of extra features that can really help you build your crypto portfolio. Furthermore, the Jaxx Liberty Wallet is always free and you do not need to log in to access your cryptocurrency. 

The wallet works according to the latest techniques in the field of security and is therefore a safe platform for the use of your cryptocurrencies.


No one else has the codes you receive when creating a wallet. As long as you do not share these codes with anyone, nobody can access your crypto wallet.

On the Jaxx Liberty Wallet you can store over 90 different cryptocurrencies.

Only some unknown, small coins will not be stored on the Jaxx Wallet.

Details Jaxx Liberty Wallet

With your Jaxx Liberty Wallet, you can store more than 90 different cryptocurrencies at the same time.

This means you can probably store all your cryptocurrencies in one place and always have a clear overview of the current value of your portfolio.

Some of the most well-known coins that you can store in your Jaxx Liberty Wallet are listed below. All supported cryptocurrencies can be found on the website of Jaxx.

Bitcoin (BTC)
Dash (DASH)
Litecoin (LTC)
Cardano (ADA)

Ethereum (ETH)
Ethereum Classic (ETC)
DigiByte (DGB)
Tether (USDT)

Stellar Lumens (XLM)
Dogecoin (DOGE)
OmiseGo (OMG)
More than 80 other coins...

Advantages and disadvantages Jaxx Liberty Wallet

In this Jaxx review, we have discussed the different types of Jaxx wallets. In the next section, we will briefly explain the advantages and disadvantages of the Jaxx Liberty Wallet.


  • 100% free of charge
  • Many extra applications
  • More and more developments
  • Good reachable customer service
  • Use the same wallet on desktop and mobile
  • Store 90+ different cryptocurrencies
  • Easy to find news and information in the app


  • First purchase cryptocurrency must be from a broker

When using a crypto wallet, it is important that you always pay attention to whether you are sending cryptocurrency to the right address. If you have chosen the wrong address, you may lose your cryptocurrency.

Tips before using the Jaxx Liberty Wallet

It is also important to check if the currency you want to send to the Jaxx Liberty Wallet is supported by the software.

 If not, you might also lose the coin when sending the crypto to your Jaxx Wallet.

Jaxx Review: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Jaxx Liberty Wallet?

The Canadian company Decentral has developed a cryptocurrency wallet called Jaxx Liberty. You can use this wallet as a desktop wallet and mobile wallet through an app on your phone. The Jaxx wallet is very suitable for beginning crypto investors.

Is the Jaxx Liberty Wallet safe?

Yes, it is! The Jaxx Liberty Wallet has good security and ensures that no one can find out your account information. As long as you do not share your password and backup codes with anyone, nobody can access your cryptocurrencies. 

Which coins can I store in the Jaxx Liberty Wallet?

There are over 90 different cryptocurrencies you can store on the Jaxx Liberty Wallet. The developments are fast and more and more coins are supported at a rapid pace. 

How do I access my Jaxx Liberty Wallet?

You can easily download the desktop app from the Jaxx Liberty website and the mobile application from the app store or google play store on your smartphone. Finally, you can also choose to add Jaxx Liberty to your Google Chrome browser by downloading a plug-in from the Chrome store. 

How do I withdraw coins from my Jaxx Liberty Wallet?

You can easily send coins to other people or wallets by providing a valid address and number of coins when sending. You can also send the coins back to a broker to sell them again. 

Jaxx Review: Conclusion

In this Jaxx review, we have discussed different aspects of Jaxx. We also looked at how you can buy crypto currencies and how you can use Jaxx to store them.

The Jaxx Liberty Wallet was once developed by the Canadian company Decentral. This company was founded by one of the co-founders of Ethereum and therefore immediately has a good name on board.

The Jaxx Liberty Wallet is used to store cryptocurrencies, which you can buy at different crypto exchanges. It is also possible to trade crypto through a platform like eToro.

The Jaxx Liberty Wallet works on multiple platforms, such as your computer or your mobile phone, and supports over 90 different cryptocurrencies.

So you can most likely put your entire cryptocurrency portfolio on this wallet. Only very small, unknown coins cannot be stored in your Jaxx Liberty Wallet.

Jaxx logo

Read Jaxx review and ready to invest in crypto?

Discover all the trading products eToro offers on the cryptocurrency market and invest today!

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