Bittrex experiences & review 2021


Bittrex is a trading platform for trading crypto currencies. In this article we talk about the Bittrex experiences of users. Read on in this Bittrex review to find out all about questions like "What is Bittrex?", "Is Bittrex safe?" and how to create a Bittrex account!

Create Bittrex Account for Investing

1 - Find an online broker: Choose a broker that suits your needs, that can be Bittrex or a Bittrex alternative (our tip: eToro!)

2 - Fund your account: Fund your account with money to start investing.

3 - Find a product: Choose the right product for you, choose one you think will grow.

4 - Make your first investment: Invest and officially start investing! Read our bittrex experiences for more tips.

Read on for all Bittrex experiences or start buying crypto with the popular online broker eToro!

Investing has become a subject that many people find interesting. The demand has grown and so has the supply. There are many online brokers to choose from. Also, crypto brokers have multiplied in recent years.

An example of such a broker: Bittrex. We are going to help a little bit by talking about the Bittrex experiences today in this Bittrex review. We also have an article ready for you about Crypto Trading and what it entails exactly.

Bittrex Review: A little introduction

Bittrex is an online trading platform. It is only possible to trade in crypto currency on this platform. Thus, they are the intermediary between the investor and the product.

Because they are specialized in offering crypto currencies, there are many units available on the platform. As many as 450 pairs.

The online broker praises itself for the security they have created on the platform. On the home page it is described as 'next-level security'.

In short, a large offer and good security. But when you start investing in cryptos, you naturally want more information. In this article we will discuss how Bittrex works, the products, the costs, how to trade on Bittrex, the Bittrex experiences and whether Bittrex is reliable.


Is Bittrex safe and is Bittrex reliable?

These are of course very important questions in the Bittrex review. What do the Bittrex experiences say about the safety and Bittrex reliability? In short, there have been few problems with this online broker since their inception in 2014.

A Bittrex account is easy to create and the verification process is no different from other online brokers. In addition, there is a lot of choice on the trading market and many investors use this platform.

On the other hand, it is not regulated by a supervisory authority such as the FCA and that offers a little less stability and security. There are also many complaints on the Internet about the late responses from the Support Centre. Another important factor to take into consideration.

Still, it seems to be a safe and reliable broker, even in English Bittrex experiences the question 'is Bittrex safe' is asked and many of the users' Bittrex experiences show that this is indeed the case.

Bittrex reliability also depends on what you consider important with a broker. When it comes to customer service and getting a good and helpful answer, you may have doubts about whether Bittrex is reliable in this area.

What is clear when asking the question 'is Bittrex safe' is that you can deposit money, buy or sell cryptocurrecny and send crypto from the exchange to another wallet without any problems. When it comes to the core tasks, you can be sure that Bittrex is reliable.

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Bittrex Experiences - How To Trade On Bittrex?

How does Bittrex work?

Bittrex is not easy to use the first time, but once you get the hang of it, it works. Because Bittrex only lets you trade crypto products, you don't have to choose between other products.

If you click on 'Markets' you will see a wide range of crypto currencies to choose from, including Bitcoin. Next to the name of a crypto currency you will see a blue plus or minus sign, buy or sell.

If you click on a particular coin, you will be taken to the product page. This page is cluttered and can be overwhelming if you are just starting out in investing. Bittrex new coins also appear here regularly.

On this page you can see the current price and you can buy or sell. A point of criticism in the Bittrex experiences are the transaction costs. For each transaction you make, sell or buy, you pay 0.25% of the transaction in question in processing costs.

So this is how it works in a nutshell. Despite not having an easy interface, it has many users and was one of the most popular brokers for a long time.

How To Buy On Bittrex?

On the product page you can choose to buy or sell each crypto currency. When you select buy, you can indicate how much of this coin you want to buy, against which currency you want to buy it, and under which conditions.

For example, you can place a buy order for when the price reaches a certain level or have it executed immediately. You will also immediately see what the transaction costs are and what the supply and demand of other users on the platform is.

After the purchase your Bittrex wallet creation will be done automatically for you and you have the possibility to set a Bittrex stop loss to limit your risk. You can also choose to sell the coin again and have your money deposited into your bank account through a Bittrex withdrawal.

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Bittrex Experiences: How To Trade On Bittrex (or a Bittrex Alternative)

Opening a Bittrex account is a suitable option for both beginners and experienced cryptocurrency traders. The broker is easy to use for most investors and does not have an unnecessary number of additional functions that you must first learn.

For a Bittrex account you only need an E-mail address and password. As you can see on the right, you can then immediately open a personal trading account.

As soon as you want to use this account you also have to complete the profile, send a copy of your ID and fill in a questionnaire. Once this is done you can start trading at Bittrex.


How to use the Bittrex trading platform?

You don't need much to start using the Bittrex trading platform. The Bittrex website is the best way to start trading and you can simply open the website on your computer, laptop or phone.

On the Bittrex platform, you can buy and sell cryptocurrency by making bids. Bittrex will then automatically search to see if a buyer or seller can be matched with your bid.

Can I also use an app at Bittrex?

Yes, Bittrex has developed a smartphone application for both iOS and Android, so you can easily manage your cryptocurrency portfolio from your smartphone. In addition, you can also easily buy or sell coins through the application.

The Bittrex experiences with this app are not very good, in the Google Play Store the application gets 2.4 out of 5 stars from more than 1,700 Bittrex reviews and in the Apple App store it also gets 2.4 stars.

How do you log in to Bittrex?

Login to Bittrex is easy: just enter your email address and password. It is better and safer if you add another step by turning on two-factor-authentication, you will then have to enter a code that appears on your phone every time you log in.

It sounds like more hassle but this way you can be sure that no one else can access your account, even if your password is leaked.

Bittrex app

How can you create a Bittrex Wallet?

Basically, you do not have to do anything yourself to start creating a Bittrex Wallet. As soon as you buy cryptocurrency it will be stored in your own Bittrex Wallet, you can choose to leave the coins there or send them to another wallet.

Bittrex Experiences - Costs

A major point of criticism in the Bittrex experiences and in the Bittrex reviews are the costs of the online broker. The costs referred to are the transaction costs. It does not cost any money to open an account.

The transaction fee is 0.25% of the transaction in question, no matter whether you buy or sell a coin.

For a long time, Bittrex was the most popular online broker for trading crypto currencies. Many investors looked past the costs and were most likely attracted by the high level of security at the time.

The 'next-level security', as Bittrex calls it, has ensured that one of the most well-known brokers has never experienced a hack. This can also be a big plus for investors.

The security, the markets and the tools have also all been converted into a mobile app for the investors who prefer to control the Bittrex account from the app.

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What are the Bittrex user experiences?

Bittrex experiences are diverse. You will come across many investors who used Bittrex at the beginning of their investment adventure.

Afterwards, they switched to other brokers. The main reasons: the high transaction costs and the below average support of the support centre.


These are the reasons you hear the most.

However, Bittrex is an online broker known for its security. The makers really focused on that. So can the high fees be justified?

These are the kinds of questions you can answer for yourself, as a (novice) investor, and this will show whether Bittrex is the broker for you.

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Binance vs Bittrex

It could be that you are still in doubt about which crypto exchange is best to get started with, that's why we give you an answer to the dilemma Binance vs Bittrex. What are the differences between these two exchanges?

Coin offer

The biggest difference between Binance vs Bittrex lies in the amount of coins the exchanges offer. Bittrex has a great offer of several hundred differences crypto coins.

Binance on the other hand has a lot more cryptocurrencies you can invest in. So if you want to get started with the largest crypto exchange in the world, you better choose Binance.

Binance Earn

That's it! You now have imme

Another important difference between Binance vs Bittrex is that at Binance you have a lot more options with your cryptocurrency. For example, Binance earn allows you to 'stake' the coins, which means you can receive an interest rate on the coins you stake.

In this way, you can develop a passive income by only converting your money to cryptocurrency and putting it to work at an exchange like Binance.

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diate access to your free course.

Bittrex Experiences - How To Trade On Bittrex?

Bittrex UVPs

Does Bittrex have any Dutch manuals?

There are currently no Dutch manuals at Bittrex, the entire support with questions and answers is in English.

Is there a Bittrex Manual?

You can find a handy Bittrex manual in the support section of the website. Under support, you will find a large database of frequently asked questions at Bittrex where you can learn everything about using the platform.

There are several Bittrex manuals for creating an account, depositing money and much more. Especially for beginners, these manuals are useful to follow in order to get a good start at Bittrex and avoid making mistakes in your first investments.

The advantages and disadvantages according to Bittrex Experiences


  • Large selection of cryptos
  • Strong security
  • Many users
  • Active trading environment


  • Less than good support centre
  • High transaction costs
  • Not regulated

So there are more advantages than disadvantages. Even though Bittrex is unregulated, the answer to 'is bittrex safe' and 'is bittrex safe' seems to be yes. It has over 90 million users worldwide and that is saying something. They also have a large selection of crypto-currencies.

The only drawbacks users seem to mention are the high transaction costs and the late response from the support centre. In addition, the following was also mentioned: if you want to cash in your money as an investor, it is suspected that it takes a very long time for Bittrex to approve the transaction.

As a novice investor, it is best to compare the facts and look at your personal preferences. Not to mention your trading strategy.

From the Bittrex experience, it appears that the exchange is not regulated, did you know that eToro is regulated by the FCA?

Bittrex Experiences - Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bittrex safe?

Bittrex seems to be safe. They have been around since 2014 and now have over 90 million users. During this time, they have never experienced a hack or any other breach of investors' privacy. In that respect, Bittrex has proven to be reliable.

Is Bittrex regulated?

Bitrex is not a regulated online broker. eToro is a regulated online broker where you can trade in many products, including CFDs. This also applies to CFDs.

How do I create a Bittrex account?

Creating a Bittrex account is fairly simple. The process consists of two steps. First you fill in your personal data, then you need to verify the account. You do this by uploading a picture of your ID and by uploading a picture of yourself.

Where is Bittrex located?

Bittrex is an American platform for trading crypto currencies. This broker also offers its services in other countries under the name Bittrex Global. It is therefore not surprising that Bittrex has millions of users worldwide, but it is most popular in America!

Is there a Bittrex manual?

On the website it becomes pretty clear how everything works after a while, they do not explain it specifically and there is no specific Bittrex manual. In this article we have described how Bittrex works based on the experiences of users, and you should be able to get by.

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Bittrex Experiences - Conclusion

The Bittrex user experiences show that Bittrex is a suitable place to buy cryptocurrency, although it is not regulated by a European or American regulator. If you want to build a crypto portfolio in the safest possible place, it is better to choose a broker with such a regulation.

You can start at Bittrex if you are looking for certain coins, check the Bittrex experiences to see which coins are available at this crypto exchange. The most convenient way is to start at a broker or exchange that has as many of the coins you want to invest in.

Buying cryptocurrency involves many things and the most important is choosing a good and safe trading platform, which is why we recommend you to definitely consider creating an account at the broker eToro. This is regulated and therefore covers security risks, but also offers good service and tools.

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