Digital Labor

Dan Mongan


Dan Mongan is a Partner in the Corporate Practice Group of Leech Tishman Fuscaldo & Lampl based in New York. He advises technology companies and investors relating to financing and corporate transactions. His experience covers a range of industries including finance, medical technology, consumer products, homeland security and alternative energy. Together with Anna Bernasek he co-counded The Integrity Partnership to assist companies investing in their most valuable asset, their integrity, and My User Agreement LLC to assist consumers worldwide in establishing personal terms of service to protect their data from misuse. He is the co-author of All You Can Pay. Dan holds a degree in chemical Engineering from the University of Delaware and law from the University of Pennsylvania.

My User Agreement
Consumers don’t have to settle for aggressively one-sided user agreements proffered on a take it or leave it basis. Finally there’s something ordinary people can do to protect their rights. In just a few simple steps, at, consumers can adopt terms and conditions of their own. Using established legal principle, My User Agreement provides an innovative solution to a vexing problem. And when enough people get behind this approach, it will be impossible for companies to ignore. The more people who sign up, the stronger our protections will be. My User Agreement represents a new model for collective action with broad applications. By harnessing the power of the Internet, ordinary people can change the terms of commerce worldwide. The approach we are pioneering has important implications for the labor and environmental movements as well as many other areas.

Platform Showcase: Ecosystem Infrastructure
Sat, November 14
09:30 AM - 10:50 AM