Digital Labor


Our time together starts with framing the concept of platform cooperativism. Later in the day, we will discuss the governance, legal realities and financing of platform co-ops. Friday will culminate in a showcase that will introduce a number of actually-existing projects that put these principles into action.

Saturday morning begins with a brief recap, followed by a showcase of projects that can provide essential infrastructure to the platform-cooperative ecosystem. In the afternoon and into the evening, discussions and workshops will enable us to coalesce our projects and ideas into strategies for meaningfully expanding ownership and governance of online platforms.

November 13, 2015

08:00 AM Registration/Coffee
09:30 AM Opening Plenary
10:00 AM Unpacking Platform Cooperativism
11:00 AM Making It Work
11:00 AM Conditions of Possibility
11:00 AM Platform Society
01:00 PM Special Lunch Session with Richard Stallman
01:00 PM Lunch Friday (venture into the neighborhood)
02:00 PM Co-op Development: Incubators and Decelerators
02:00 PM Friday Workshops
02:00 PM Co-op Law
04:00 PM Building New Supports For the New Workforce: The Role of Solidarity and New Labor Institutions
04:00 PM ​Student Town Hall
04:00 PM Policy and the Partner State
06:00 PM Owning Is the New Sharing: Actually-Existing Platform Co-ops

November 14, 2015

09:00 AM Taking Stock
09:30 AM Platform Showcase: Ecosystem Infrastructure
11:00 AM Social Infrastructure
11:00 AM Worker Voice
01:00 PM Lunch Saturday (venture into the neighborhood)
01:00 PM Special Lunch Session with Michel Bauwens
02:00 PM Cooperative Financing
02:00 PM Saturday Workshops
02:00 PM Blockchained Together
04:00 PM ​The Design for Co-Op Apps
04:00 PM Organizing Workers (and Non-Workers)
06:00 PM ​Cooperativism to Come