Digital Labor


  • Presentations

The Internet of Ownership, Nathan Schneider 
Jun 23, 2016
Wellington, New Zealand

How Platform Cooperativism Can Unleash the Network, Trebor Scholz
May 3, 2016
Berlin, Germany

Think Outside the Boss: Cooperative Alternatives to the Sharing Economy,
Civic Hall, NYC
March 10, 2015

Trebor Scholz, Associate Professor, The New School
Sara Horowitz, Founder & Executive Director, Freelancers Union.
Saket Soni, Director, National Guestworker Alliance, & New Orleans Workers’ Center for Racial Justice.
Caroline Woolard, Artist, Co-Founder, TradeSchool and OurGoods
Nathan Schneider, Reporter, Vice, The Nation, & The Chronicle of Higher Education.
Douglas Rushkoff, Professor of Media Theory and Digital Economics, CUNY/Queens

Platform Cooperativism: The Internet, Ownership, Democracy
November 11-12, 2015
The New School, NYC
Cooperativism to Come by Douglas Rushkoff
All other videos from the event.

The Next Sharing Economy by Janelle Orsi
Oct 17, 2014

Digital Labor Conference Speakers’ Videos
The New School, NYC

  • Longreads

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  • Articles

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