Digital Labor

Robert Benjamin


Robert Benjamin is a writer, producer, entrepreneur and ownership advocate. Frustrated with the bleak landscape facing independent narrative content and the rampant abuse of audiences across all media, Robert envisioned a new paradigm for how independent narrative media is developed, financed, produced, promoted, distributed, and ultimately enjoyed. He founded Member’s Media, Ltd Cooperative to band together and empower the rightful heirs of tomorrow’s media landscape. Think of a Youtube/Netflix owned by the filmmakers as well as the audience that support them.

Member’s Media
Member’s Media has a core mission to increase the quality, quantity, and valuation of independent narrative content as well as to seek greater input and user experience for the audience. To ensure it will remain true to all its founding principals and serve its community above all other interests the organization was formed and incorporated as multi stakeholder “platform cooperative” whereby its Patron Member-Owners take on majority control and democratic governance.