Digital Labor

Noemi Giszpenc


Noemi Giszpenc is one of the founders of the Data Commons Cooperative, and the founder of the Regional Index of Cooperation, a precursor of the Data Commons. She is on the board of the DCC, representing the Cooperative Development Institute, a cooperative business assistance organization serving the Northeast U.S. (New England and New York).

Data Commons Cooperative
Formed in 2012 after several years of development, the DCC brings together a range of “data-sharing” members, from small grassroots groups to national umbrella organizations, in a structure that allows collaborative gathering, sharing, and maintenance of information on the emerging “alternative” economy. By pooling resources, our members can publicize and use all kinds of data on co-ops, credit unions, community gardens, alternative currencies, and other enterprises, more easily, cheaply, and effectively. The DCC offers tools, platforms, and guidelines to support sharing.