Digital Labor

Ethan Winn


Ethan Winn is a technical architect and senior strategist at CoLab Coop. With a focus on the intersection of technology and social change, he has worked with groups ranging from local community groups to large non-profits and social-enterprise startups, leveraging open source technologies to build sites, social campaigns and apps that support strategic goals. He has been involved with local food cooperatives for over a decade, most recently serving on the board of Ithaca’s GreenStar Cooperative Food Market.

Project SeedBombing
As part of a project we’ve codenamed “Project SeedBombing,” CoLab Coop is working on an open platform to make starting a coop as straight-forward as kicking off a one-off crowdfunding campaign. We hope to turn the traditional crowdfunding model on its head: prioritizing accountability and the interests of coop members over the extractive economics of the current leaders of the crowd-funding movement. Tools like this can help new cooperatives get the equity they need, deliver ongoing, sustainable value to coop members and support established coops with tools that are in full alignment with the cooperative principles.

Platform Showcase: Ecosystem Infrastructure
Sat, November 14
09:30 AM - 10:50 AM