Digital Labor

Danny Spitzberg


Danny Spitzberg is an ethnographer and campaign strategist based in Oakland, California. He is principal at Peak Agency, a collective that works with cultural and economic justice projects to grow their membership, most recently helping re-launch Loconomics, a freelancer-owned platform for local services. He organized with Omni Commons, a collective of collectives, and co-directed CoFED, a national training program and network of student-led food co-ops. Follow @daspitzberg.

Co-ops, Crowdfunding, and The Crowd
Co-op enthusiasts like to say that “cooperatives are the original crowdfunding,” yet co-ops and “the crowd” are often at odds. Co-ops organize members, whereas crowdfunding campaigns mobilize consumers or investors. How might crowdfunding help co-ops build collective power? This talk reviews experience and data from past crowdfunding campaigns and trainings with co-ops. It then presents new platforms that help us reimagine crowdfunding as “crowdresourcing,” shifting the focus from raising money to engaging members.

Cooperative Financing
Sat, November 14
02:00 PM - 03:50 PM