Digital Labor

Akseli Virtanen


Akseli Virtanen is an architect of new political finance, born in Finland and currently based in Santa Cruz, California. He is a co-founder of Robin Hood Asset Management Cooperative, an activist hedge fund, currently in the process of taking on a new more monstrous and distributed form as a financial platform of the future. Akseli’s most recent book is Arbitrary Power: A Contribution Towards a Critique of Biopolitical Economy (n-1 Edições, forthcoming 2015).

Robin Hood Asset Management Cooperative
What if finance were about making our monetary and other assets—like knowledge, abilities, skills, networks—liquid, effortlessly moving, connecting, communicating and opening into new possibilities? Robin Hood is engineering new P2P financial (both money market and capital market) instruments which together with the organizational possibilities opened by the blockchain technologies will free finance to be social, cooperative to be unlimited, assets to be networked and capital to be distributed. When capital gets distributed on a distributed platform, it becomes nomadic: it is not division or distribution of something pre-existing in a space, but new distribution of the economic space itself. Robin Hood gives people tools to create economic space.